Colton Haynes Ditches Suit For Vintage Dress And Wig

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“Let’s all just enjoy life & have no regrets :)” said Colton Haynes when a Tumblr user questioned his super gay past.

Well Colton seems to be following his own advice. The actor recently donned some sensible ’50s-inspired drag for a photo shoot with Arrow co-star Emily Bett Rickards for Vanity Fair, and we’ve got to say, he doesn’t look half-bad in a wig.

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The jaw line is a bit strong perhaps, but he clearly has a sensitive side. Go get it, Colton.

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“It was when we were talking about shooting Colton in the vintage women’s suit that the idea to shoot Colton and Emily in each other’s outfits came up,” said photographer Tyler Shields. “I think it speaks a lot to the time we are in right now as androgyny is a two-way street.”

“If a person like Colton was to do something like this in the ’50s it would have been a huge faux pas,” he added.

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Of course, he still looks damn good in a suit.

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