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Comedienne Amber Ruffin roasts haters over Superman’s coming out

Jon Kent/Superman

The announcement that Superman (or, rather, the son of Superman who has adopted his dad’s moniker) would come out as bisexual in the pages of DC Comics continues to make headlines, with detractors predictably attacking the move as a publicity stunt, or as queer people forcing their agenda on the rest of the world. Amid the grousing, TV host Amber Ruffin of The Amber Ruffin Show has weighed in. In short, she’s blasted the haters in the most hilarious way.

Ruffin discussed her thoughts in a segment of her show titled “B*tch, Please.” In it, she roasts the hysteria over the iconic character’s coming out.

“People are losing their sh*t,” Ruffin observes. “Y’all are really upset that the new Superman will be bisexual? He’s a fictional character. He’s not even the original Superman.”

“Are you afraid he and Lex Luthor will trick you into a threesome?” Ruffin then wonders. “You wish; look how handsome these men are. You could never!”

“Some people are saying this is ruining their childhood,” Ruffin notes. “Bitch, please. If a comic book character being bisexual ruined your childhood, your childhood was trash to begin with. Instead of fixating on Superman’s son, maybe you should focus on things happening in the real world, like school shootings, anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers because they are literally ruining childhoods.”

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Ruffin then goes on to point out that Superman is actually an alien species, but nobody ever seemed to have a problem with him mating with human women. She also shoots down the idea of a “queer agenda.”

“For those of you who are saying there’s a queer agenda or they are shoving their lifestyle down our throats,” Ruffin declares, “I would like to say to you with all the power of my ancestors behind me…bitch, please. It is called representation.”

“The only queer agenda is living an open and happy life,” Ruffin concludes. “Oh, and saving the world from upcoming meteors.”

That’s good enough for us. Superman/Jon Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, joins the ranks of other popular queer DC Comics characters such as Batwoman, The Question, Tim Drake/Robin, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.