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We would never want to out someone before they’re ready, but this is the exception. It appears the iconic DC Comics character Superman is about to come out of the closet.

ComicBook.News reports that former DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver has said publicly that Superman will come out of the closet in an upcoming storyline. To be clear, this is not the classic incarnation with the secret identity of Clark Kent. Rather, this is Jon Kent, the half-human/half-Kryptonian son of Superman and Lois Lane. Up until now, Jon Kent has doubled as the superhero Superboy.

“I just found out, I got a little bit of a scoop about what DC’s plans are. Nobody knows this, yet. It hasn’t really been announced, except by me. The plan is that… Superman’s book… I guess Clark Kent is going bye-bye,” Van Sciver said in a recent YouTube video.

Van Sciver also elaborated on the real-world reasons for changing out the character.

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“DC Comics has had a lot of problems maintaining the trademark for Superman because you know, he’s old. He’s an old character, and the family would desperately like money because their family, their ancestors who created Superman got completely f’d over,” Van Sciver explained. “I mean Superman has made billions and billions and billions of dollars in revenue and those two boys who made up Superman got ‘bupkis,’ they were Jewish, so they got ‘bupkis,’ they got nothing.”

“Clark Kent I guess is going bye-bye and they are going to replace him with Jonathan Kent, and then they are going to announce that Jonathan Kent is gay. So Superman is effectively gay, everyone,” he continued. “He is gay.”

Take that all with a grain of salt, of course; DC Comics has yet to comment officially on the matter. That said, we’ve reached out to sources at DC ourselves who have confirmed that the rumor is more or less correct: Jon Kent will come out as queer.

The news of Superman’s coming out follows the announcement last week that the DC character Tim Drake/Robin had come out of the closet as bisexual, sparking international headlines. The news also comes as Warner Bros.–the studio behind the DC Comics movie adaptations–has also announced the development of a film reimagining of Superman as an African-American superhero.

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