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Con Edison Wouldn’t Let This Legally Married Man Change The Name On His Bill (Until He Went Public)

Brooklyn resident John went to his local Con Edison office to get his utility bill changed to reflect his new last name: having just married another man (in Vermont, where it’s legal) and adopting his now-husband Eufemio last name, John had been making the rounds to update his bank and phone statements, and now it was time for the electricity. But a Con Ed staffer there, identified as Mr. Navarro, refused, even when given a copy of the marriage certificate — which New York State recognizes as valid, even if gay couples cannot marry in their own state. But there’s good news: After having his story shared on The Consumerist, and filing a complaint with New York’s human rights department the same day of the incident, Con Ed reversed the lowly staffer’s decision and granted the name change. But, says John: “This does not erase the fact that I was subjected to illegal discrimination. I have no plans to withdraw my New York State Division of Human Rights discrimination complaint.” [photo via]