Conchita Wurst, Bearded Drag Performer, Wins Eurovision; God Approves, Russia Does Not

ConchitaWINSLet’s hear it for the girl. Conchita Wurst, a bearded drag performer from Austria, won the prestigious 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Saturday night. Wurst’s onstage drag persona was created by a 25-year-old singer named Thomas Neuwirth. While Wurst garnered massive respect and support for her bravery and powerhouse vocals, there was naturally some dissent as well. Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky slammed Wurst’s victory at the 59th annual competition as “the end of Europe” adding, “There is no limit to our outrage.”

Wurst was unfazed. “This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom…we are unity and we are unstoppable,” she said upon winning.

During the press conference that followed, Wurst continued to express gratitude and noted the deeper meaning of her win. “I felt like tonight Europe showed that we are a community of respect and tolerance,” she said. Many of Wurst’s fans tweeted messages insisting that the singer be considered to record the theme song for the next James Bond film.

Wurst’s win was just the latest in a slew of victories for LGBT people. On Friday a circuit court judge in Arkansas declared the state’s ban on same-sex marriage to be “unconstitutional” and Michael Sam became the first openly gay player to be drafted by the NFL on Saturday. It was such a monumental weekend that even God Himself was impressed and tweeted mankind with His approval.


Watch Wurst perform “Rise Like a Phoenix” below.