Cooper-Hewitt Online Shop


If you have never been to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, you should run (don’t walk) and do so the next time you venture into New York City. It’s housed in the breathtaking Andrew Carnegie Mansion on 5th Ave. (at 91st St.) and is the only museum in the nation to focus solely on historic and contemporary design. We’ve seen a couple great exhibitions there: one on utilitarian textiles and one on the influence of color in fashion through the ages.

And after a hard day of walking around the museum, the shop is actually a pleasant reward. It’s not filled with dinosaur-shaped pencil erasers and ceramic paper bags, but instead cases of attractive glassware, an impressive collection of art books, modern watches and accessories, and an ever-changing roster of art multiples.

Now for the news: you can visit the shop online in their new web store.

The Shop at the Cooper-Hewitt [Official Site]
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