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  • Lukas

    John Kerry would be the worst idea ever.

  • Paul

    OMG, that is hysterical – John Kerry. About the ONLY person floating that idea around would be John Kerry himself. He was a pathetic candidate on his own – no sense on destroying another shot at the White House. Let Obama lose it all on his own…..

  • GoodBuddy

    A Republican or a loser? Just because you read it on the internet doesn’t mean it is real. I was thinking you probably read this on HuffPo, and checked. Yeah, that’s a credible source.

  • Dom

    No, not Kerry, who is outright boring and a pussy at fighting back against the Swift Boaters, and not Hagel, who will probably endorse Obama and may serve in the cabinet in some capacity but not as VP. I would say that Wes Clark is the man, if they want someone with national security credentials who can shove McCain’s supposed national credentials right up his ass. Unlike McCain, who said he “knows how to win wars” without having ever won a war or providing any evidence that he ever did, Wes Clark DID prevent the mass bloodshed of an all-out ethnic cleansing holocaust in the Balkans during the Clinton administration. If the traditional media tries to go after Clark as it ignores McCain foibles with the free pass that it has been giving his campaign so far, the Obama camp can go after McCain non-existent security experience – especially concerning his encompassing embrace of the disastrous Iraq fiasco – with a vengeance that the media will have to cover. Besides, as a gay man, I have to say that Clark is one of the handsomest older men around, and makes McCain – and whatever VP he picks, including KenDoll Romney – look like shit. Appearances shouldn’t count during an election, but the media framing makes them count, so Clark would be an asset for the Dems this year: experience, intelligence and looks. It sure would be nice to have a presidency that contained wisdom and common sense instead of military bellicosity, greed and stupidity.

  • emb

    Kerry is a red herring. I mean seriously, he’s a red herring. A dead one. Not even flopping around. Like, ever.

    Hagel is nonsense: the Dems and Obama may be serious about bipartisanship, but putting a republican–and a pretty conservative one at that — next in line to the presidency? Not likely. His presence wouldn’t get that many republican crossovers past the concept of Obama, so what does he bring to the table, other than even more divisiveness at the convention, with the liberal dems joining the rabid hillaryites in making Obama’s life miserable?

    Nah, we’re maybe looking at Wes Clark, which would be interesting (he’s clearly got attack-dog qualities, even if he does have creepy eyes). But he doesn’t bring any possible electoral votes along for the ride. While we’re on the subj, the Virginia governor would, I think, be bad (for reasons similar to Hagel’s–why go out of your way to cause fretting amongst the pro-choice folks?) I still like Bayh.

  • Gregoire

    John Kerry? Is this April Fools Day? Only John Edwards would be less likelier.

  • Isaac

    I totally think it’s Clark.

  • michael

    So they will talk about National Security. I read the results of a poll that says that is the one area that Americans give McCain high marks and Obama low ones. Maybe thats why Obama voted for FISA to show he is as tough as the Republicans. But take a look at this, Youtube as banned it but Google has kept it up. All the Republicans will have to do is get this message across and they will win. I still would not be surprised if Bush pulls a number before he is out of office, if he does and does it well the Democrats are toast.

  • Alan down in Florida

    They’ve got the wrong Edwards – Elizabeth Edwards would be a great choice for Vice President. She is smart, caring and the essence of grace under pressure.

  • todd

    Good god. I hope not Hagel.

  • Mr C

    For some strange reason. I believe an “October Surprise” will be pulled in August and it will be Hillary Clinton

    In spite of all the SHIT she caused. It still would be a strong ticket regardless.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    It’s Evan Bayh and Queerty is back-tracking for letting the “Veep” out of the Bag so all the other Democrats mentioned won’t feel offended plus it was a week to just let John Edwards be the asshole some of us knew he always was. Wes Clark can’t debate for peanuts (needs to be a pitbull) and Jim Webb (new FDR?)is probably too strong for Obama and might be the Dem back-up for 2012, Hagel is a Republican (come on people), Hillary would be the most interesting choice but she’s all ready for 2012 (should Barack fall) so, to Quote the Back Street Boys, it’s “Bayh, Bayh, Bayh!”

    Evan Bayh to be Veep!(post was removed)Remember?

    Silly queers, tricks are for October!

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