Could Android’s “Is My Son Gay” App Actually Help Parents Accept Their Gay Kids?

Everyone more or less agrees that Android’s “Is My Son Gay?” app has little to offer apart from stereotypical questions on whether your kid likes sports, musicals, or doing his hair. But is Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View correct when she says that the app could at least spark a much needed conversation between a curious parent and their potentially gay child? That conversation would most likely go down in flames if mom started off with, “Son, my cell phone told me you’re gay.”

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  • Andrew Mangy

    This is highly offensive and ridiculous. If the author meant it as “comedy” they better keep the day job and seek sensitivity training and help with social skills.

  • B

    Editing comment – it is not “Android’s app”. The application belongs to the guy or company who developed it or the people who bought it.

  • Thrutch

    Id love to comment but can’t as this video is not available for viewing in my country

  • iDavid

    Sounds like the gay writer of this app works as a non-existant sexocrit “exgay” for Exodus International.

  • Dorothy

    This one seems pretty straightforward to me. It is never OK to demean,belittle, make fun of or shit-talk anybody for any reason. Stereotypes aren’t funny. Bullying isn’t funny. Kids being pushed to suicide by their peers and over the edge by parents? Not only not funny, but tragic. I can not for the life of me understand how this app got off the drawing board (or whatever) and into production. Shameful. If some idiot wants to promote a book (that I will never read, and encourage others to ignore as well) to a niche market, go hard-free enterprise. It’s appallingly stupid to suppose that this app will do no damage in a larger context. The author claims be satirizing anti-gay sentiment, ergo he knows he’s stirring up a hornets’ nest. Does he really believe he’s done no harm? Write what you want, but take responsibility for the conseqences of your work. Yeah, you really are a douche bag, bitch.

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