Could Tim Hate-A-Gay Be Gay?

Tim Hardaway may say he’s sorry for saying he doesn’t like the homos, but we bet he’s sorrier Outsports named as one of their top-ten could-be-queers back in 2001. Predicating the piece on the percentage of men who are gay (1 in 10), the boys conclude that means every basketball team has a gay player. They go on to conjecture which players may play for the other team. And, of course, Tim Hate-a-gay ranks as number 7. Outsports writes:

Tim Hardaway, Miami. Not too different from the bruthas one might run into at any black gay club on a Saturday night. Opposite of Dale Davis. Not really trying to be tough. Just himself.

Judging by this picture, seems like they hit the nail on the head. Even the font’s gay.

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  • adamblast

    On the other hand, you could wonder if having been teased about this very list (circa 2001) isn’t what helped make him so defensively homophobic and ready to run off at the mouth in the first place. Some homophobes are actually straight, it turns out.

  • johnnr2

    I’m told by many poeople that there were also naked lockerroom pics of Hardaway circulating on the net several years ago, which were (of course) quite popular in the adult gay male groups. This also could lead to anger and homophobia on Hardaway’s part. I’m not saying two wrongs make a right, just considering all facts.

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