Croatian Politicians To Join Gay Pride March As Nationalists Threaten Violence

Earlier this week we reported on the relatively peaceful Pride celebrations in Poland and Lativa. But the threat of anti-LGBT violence looms elsewhere in Eastern Europe, as gays and lesbians prepare to march in Croatia.

War veterans and reactionaries held counter-demonstrations against Saturday’s procession—which they called a “shameful provocation by sick people.” But a number of government ministers have promised they will walk in the march as a show of solidarity.

At last year’s event, locals pelted participants with eggs and rocks, injuring several, reports MSNBC. But Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic and Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic have both stated they will be there this year.

Not coincidentally, Croatia is due to enter the European Union in 2013. (Should the EU last that long.)

Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic has called on residents of the city of Split, where the march will take place, to show tolerance and accept “the standard democratic practice” of the rest of Europe. He’s also pushed for same-sex unions to be legalized in the Balkan nation: “The eyes of the European Union will be focused on Split on Saturday,” said Milanovic. “The gay population does not threaten anyone and we just have to accept them.”

It just warms the heart, doesn’t it?

Photo: Ivana

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  • Houston Bill

    We shall see if the terroist groups in Croatia will manage to win again this year in Split.

    I actually think this one is going to be successful though.

  • Hephaestion

    Wow, there are only about 700 typos in this article. Do Queerty writers actually get paid for this calibre of writing? It’s virtually unreadable.

  • Myles MacLean

    Perhaps you should volunteer to become an editor since this bothers you so much.
    The importance of the advancement of liberty trumps all concerns for grammer.
    Get a life.

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