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Cute Hetero Wrestler Hudson Taylor’s Support for LGBTs Is Rewarded With a Championship Win

University of Maryland wrestler Hudson Taylor, whose Lyrca-clad penis the gays have been ogling ever since he scored attention for wearing a HRC sticker on his headgear, yesterday won the the 197-pound class at the ACC wrestling championships, where he was named Most Outstanding Wrestler. So that’s terrific.

Now we just want to see who would win in a match-up between Taylor and porn star wrestler Paul Donahoe.

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  • Brian En Guarde

    He has been good to gay men. That is the future of the country right there. He will be more and more respected for being such a great American.

  • delurker

    Well, I still like fapping it to homophobes. So sue me. :/

  • ewe

    I have always been very good to straight people myself. Do i get a yellow star?

  • Michael

    Umma yumma.

  • Lukas P.

    Can we clone him?
    He’s a brave young person who stands up for that which is fair, just & right, even if it causes him to be scorned, reviled, or just made fun of.

    Thank you Mr Hudson Taylor for your bravery, and for setting a great example.

    And congrats on the Championship!

  • terrwill

    Not that I am complain’…… but why the fcuk isn’t he wearing a cup? wrasslin’ is kinda tough on the three piece set………

    PS: I didn’t know James Vadderbeek had changed careers……

  • delurker

    Wait, I thought queerty hated HRC. Now it’s great that someone sports a sticker? I am so confused trying to keep up with the inconsistencies.

  • alan brickman

    Straight guys support gay rights.. it`s gay that usually suppress them….

  • Bunny Snuggles

    @ewe who wrote: “I have always been very good to straight people myself. Do i get a yellow star?”

    Answer: Nope, you’ll have to settle for a refurbished Pink Triangle the way things are going in Washington after the Douche-baggers, er, I mean Teabaggers got their bowels in an uproar after Health Care Reform, er, I mean Insurance Regulation Reform passed and the D-baggers are smashing windows all across the country.

    Is a mini Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass) being revisited in America?

    Although it could be worse, they could be throwing their poo at pedestrians.

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