42-Year Old Man Acts Like Child

Daffyd Doll Used In Gay Intimidation

A 42-year old British man should pick on someone his own size. Douglas Inskip has been found guilty of harassing a 17-year old boy for appearing too fey. In addition to calling the boy a “faggot,” telling him to “shake that ass” and the such, Inskip used a popular Little Britain character to nail the message home:

Inskip put a doll in the window of his home of Daffyd, the comic character styled as the “only gay in the village” in the BBC TV series Little Britain.

He would point at it when the victim was outside, Flintshire magistrates were told.

Inskip…denied harassment between July and September last year but was convicted after trial by Flintshire magistrates sitting at Mold.

Inskip’s lawyers admit he used the word “faggot,” but not in a derogatory sense. Maybe Inskip was asking for date?

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  • gay as life

    Is there a non-derogatory sense of the word “faggot”? Unless, of course, he was calling him a bundle of twigs.

  • Tintin Malfoy

    I have a feeling Douglas Inskip had a huge crush on his victim, but was obviously in denial. Almost like when children like someone, they pick on them.

  • HJB

    “Maybe Inskip was asking for date?”

    Or a cigarette. This is the UK, mind you. The guy sounds like a twatwaffle, though. He deserves whatever he gets.

  • Alexa

    A cigarette in the UK is a fag, not a faggot – faggot is still an actual word, being a kind of meatball in gravy. But what do you expect of a nation that has a dessert called spotted dick? ;)

    I always think of the UK as being so much more enlightened than us, but cases like this really send home that there is still a long way to go.

  • DowntownTerry

    Is that the Perez Hilton doll?

  • dougie inskip

    fuck of you shower of bastards and get a proper life sadoes

  • marc

    im all for you doug they are just all sad

  • Max


  • mike

    doug im with you there is a place for them bastards!!!!!!!!

  • U

    Fukin Hell u bunch of queer fuks, i am all for it Doug, like hes still in school, tell the teachers cos sum1 called him gay, grow up.

  • ben

    yeah get fucked the lot of ya i’m with ya too doug

  • MaxWELL

    there is only one gay in the village he happily flaunts his sexaulty his his father must be pround of bringing such a dirty perverted shit up

  • Hamlet

    The owners of this website can suck me off

  • B A baracuss

    I pity the fool

  • sam

    although i am not gay i feel that this mans behavour is sick against a young child. he is probly a gay himself and feels threated by a child. i feel a man of his age should know better
    and he is obviously the sort of old man that goes out fighting on a weekend to reclaim his masculinity! i only hope none of his children ever have the need to confess to him they sre gsy themselvr
    es. whith a role model like him, who knows what theyl end up 2 b!

  • john

    this young man in question is a adult(or should be)hes not the little child that his parents think he is.(i think this man is a very good role model for his kids.If they all take a leaf out of his book i no they wont end up bent.lolxxx

  • peter

    the young gay boys parents must be good role models look how he turn out

  • myfanwy

    the shallow minded people leaving these comments are real good role models look at the age difference in the childs parents (god help the poor little mite)

  • James

    Maybe Douglas is a bit cock hungrey?

  • myfanwy

    what a sad lad.

  • lofters

    What a load a twat waffles

  • myfanwy

    does the daffyd doll look anythink like the victim

  • jess

    i feel douglas should beable to voice opinion. no one ever heard of freedom of speech,as for 42 being an old man,idont think so maybe if he was 63 than i would agree.this young gay child everyone is on about cant be that young if he old enough to committ sick acts .in my opinion his parents must be as sick as him .

  • peter

    where has dorothy vanish to i wonder?

  • sam

    douglas u are probly one of those gay people yourself

    HA HA :p

  • jane cameron

    yes dougie, your a squat fat little shit that’s trading on a long dead name,

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