42-Year Old Man Acts Like Child

Daffyd Doll Used In Gay Intimidation

A 42-year old British man should pick on someone his own size. Douglas Inskip has been found guilty of harassing a 17-year old boy for appearing too fey. In addition to calling the boy a “faggot,” telling him to “shake that ass” and the such, Inskip used a popular Little Britain character to nail the message home:

Inskip put a doll in the window of his home of Daffyd, the comic character styled as the “only gay in the village” in the BBC TV series Little Britain.

He would point at it when the victim was outside, Flintshire magistrates were told.

Inskip…denied harassment between July and September last year but was convicted after trial by Flintshire magistrates sitting at Mold.

Inskip’s lawyers admit he used the word “faggot,” but not in a derogatory sense. Maybe Inskip was asking for date?