sex crimes

Dallas Police Raid Bathhouse, Arresting 10 For Trying To Get Off At Private Club

In response to a “complaint,” the Dallas Police Department raided the bathhouse Club-Dallas Oct. 8, arresting ten customers on charges of public lewdness and indecent exposure (which carry maximum sentences of 6-12 months and $2-4,000 in fines) and one staffer with interfering with police. Two officers paid admission to The Club — which includes staples like a sauna and jacuzzi, as well as pool tables and a fitness center — to “gathered evidence” before additional uniforms were brought in. Management of The Club helped bail out its arrested patrons, while the police says more crackdowns could be coming. It was the first time the police raided the venue since 2003, and only does so, DPD’s gay liaison Laura Martin insists, when there’s a valid complaint. At least one of those arrested is a closeted bisexual man. The bathhouse’s tagline: “Good. Clean. Fun.”