Dan Cathy’s Anti-Marriage Statement Contradicts His Claim That Chick-Fil-A Doesn’t Have A Political Agenda

Chik-Fil-A President Dan Cathy recently reiterated his—and his company’s—stance against gay rights, saying the fast-food chain supported “the biblical definition of the family unit.”

We’ve long known about Cathy’s bigotry, which extend into corporate policy on not hiring or discriminating against LGBT employees, and making contributions to anti-gay organizations via its Winshape Foundation.

But he’s rarely spoken so openly about it: In an interview with the Baptist Press, Cathy says Chick-fil-A is “guilty as charged” when it comes to actively opposing marriage equality.

“I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say ‘we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage’ and I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about.”

This seems to be a new bold openness from Cathy, who previously denied the poultry shack was anti-gay:

We’re a restaurant that has a hospitality that says we’re here to embrace everyone who wants to come and be part of Chick-fil-A. We have a whole spectrum of team members that work with us who are part of the gay and lesbian community. They know as employees of Chick-fil-A that they are welcomed, they are embraced, and they are part of the Chick-fil-A family. So to be identified with some sort of hate group that has a political agenda—that is not Chick-fil-A at all.”

Oddly, Cathy doesn’t consider Focus on the Family, the National Organization for Marriage, the Pennsylvania Family Institute or Exodus International—all of which have received money from Chick-fil-A—to have “a political agenda.”

If we can’t believe you about your views, Mr. Cathy, how can we trust what you put in your chicken?


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  • Rebecca Juro

    It’s interesting. I used to work near a Chick-fil-a and ate there all the time until I learned that they were proactively anti-LGBT rather than just pro-Christian. Anyone who’s has eaten there on a regular basis knows that they’re closed on Sundays. Anyone who pays a little more attention knows that they’ve been commonly called “Jesus Chicken”. None of that is an issue for me. Where I get off the bus is when they proactively donate to orgs that work against LGBT rights.

    I was placed in a bit of a moral quandary the other day when I was watching my nephews and they wanted to go there for dinner. Until I’d heard this latest news that Chick-fil-a was now openly anti-LGBT I’d been ok taking them there since they really like it, but I’m now far less comfortable with it. I ended up caving this time, but I doubt I will again.

    I should note that as an out and visible trans woman I have never personally had an issue or been treated badly at any Chick-fil-a. In fact, I once encountered Dan Cathy himself at the grand opening of the restaurant I ate at regularly when I worked in the area. He had to know I was trans, but was very nice and welcomed me, and then asked my opinion on my way out. I until I read about it online, I had no clue he and the company were so avowedly anti-LGBT because I’d seen zero evidence of that in their restaurants and still haven’t to this day.

    I have serious issues spending my money in such a place knowing what I know now, but I will give them credit for treating all of their customers well (as far as I know) when they actually come into one of their restaurants.

  • Atlas

    Is anyone really surprised than an immoral, unethical asswipe is also a liar?

  • Oh well

    Most of us wouldn’t be caught dead in a Chick-fil-a anyway, at least I hope not.

  • Scribe37

    When my family and I went to a cabin in tennessee last year everyone wanted to go there, since there aren’t any in our area. Me being gay is something that everyone knows but we don’t talk about, even though my partner was on the trip and we were sharing a room. I was really clear that I wouldn’t eat there and that I wanted everyones’ support in the matter. I was so surprise how cool my family was about eating somewhere else. I don’t think it is enough for gays not to eat here. We have to bring in support from our families, friends, and other progressive groups if we want to hurt them enough to force change.

  • Sunshine

    Oh please people! The “firestorm” is so ridiculous at this point. If you do not like FOS (freedom of speech) may I invite you to live somewhere other than AMERICA!! Good Lord, God forbid a person has an opinion and it doesn’t ” go along with” another persons agenda. How is this mans OPINION affecting your daily lives? Are your teeny tiny feelings hurt? ALL the friggin problems in the world and THIS…THIS is what gets a rise out of you. WOW spelled backwards is still WOW! Take up a hobby or better yet, volunteer and do something for someone else less fortunate.

  • phiggles

    These people are full of shit, but does it come as a surprise to anyone that they’re not a friend of the gays? And should it come as a surprise to anyone that their “chicken” is equally full of shit?

    It is fun to watch them squirm, though.

    Read my big new gay novel!

  • Bluntguy

    @Sunshine: I agree with you Sunshine. As a openly gay male,25, I believe that everyone stills have a honest opinion. Yes, I disagree with their actions by donating money to anti-gay groups, however, people are entitled to perform this action. Its like the LGBT community saying that since some people do not support the community,then they should be left out in society. In other words, if the LGBT community starts boycotting the homophobic companies or organizations, then the community is performing the same actions as the anti-gay groups. Yes, I want equal gay rights & the whole nine yards, yet at the same time, there are more important actions that needs to be taken care of then arguing over a fast food chain. Their actions are legal & are immoral to me. My solution is easy, don’t eat at Chick-fil-a!! We can not change in what people believe is moral or immorally correct. We all have different opinions, cultural backgrounds, & etc. As a gay male in the LGBT community, we need to focus more on our rights to live a equal life instead of wasting our time on something we cannot change. This company is not the only company who supports anti-gay groups. Yes,it is sad but, the community should try to not let this situation bother us or embarrassed the LGBT community. Lets fight for our rights, not this unchangeable situation. We can win equal rights with a positive bonding community. This is only my opinion.

  • Zwirad

    Sunshine. It’s fine they can have their freedom of speech. Fine, but when they contribute to groups advocating removal or denial of my rights AND equality, advocate “conversion” therapy” that injures otherwise fine people or advocate our annihilation then I have MY power of Freedom of Speech to invoke my friends and supporters to BOYCOTT this bigoted business until they realize they are ruining others’ lives in their denial of rights. They can purvey their HATE, but WE can purvey our BOYCOTT. May the better position win. And we can do this while tackling other injustices like Citizens United, wars in foreign nations or healthcare.
    We are not telling them to change but we are making it more difficult for them to function just as they advocate making it difficult for GLBT to function in society.

  • Daez

    Ok, so we can’t tell sky daddy that we know what should constitute a marriage, and we should only use the biblical definition.

    In that case, a marriage is between one man and hundreds of wives, and when your wife dies it is alright for your daughters to get you drunk and rape you hoping they will get pregnant.

    Do these people even read the Bible, or do they just pick and choose what they want to hear?

  • Daez

    @Rebecca Juro: I think you REALLY missed a teaching opportunity. You should have came right out and told them the truth…

    “I refuse to go there because they feel that people such as myself are not worthy of being treated with the least little amount of human dignity.”

    I am sure they would have understood that better than the word “no.”

  • Daez

    @Scribe37: Your entire family knows, you bring your partner on the family vacation, but you do not feel comfortable with talking to them about being gay. Seriously!?! I basically told me family, “I’m out, I’m proud, and the first one to have a problem with it can kiss my ass on their way out of my life.”

  • Daez

    @Sunshine: I hate to break this to you Sunshine, but totally devaluing the worth of another human being is not “[having>] an opinion [that] doesn’t ” go along with” another persons agenda. It is completely and utterly devaluing a human being. The fact that I can not marry my partner that I have been with for two years and some bimbo can marry a guy in Las Vegas that she met the same night is a disgusting abuse of human rights, and the fact that people like this support that abuse is one of the biggest problems in the world. There is a reason that this country was founded on the principles of “all men were created equal,” and it is about bloody time we start living that way.

  • LaTeesha

    Their mainstay product is a fried chicken patty dumped on a bun with a pickle. No condiments. No lettuce. No tomato. Frankly, the food is gross. Although its restrooms are generally clean. So, I’ll take a dump in their facility and that’s about it.

  • Eddie

    @Daez: Excuse me. I may be wrong but it seens to me that you don’t love your parents and relatives, you don’t consider their feelings and you don’t bother about be apart of them. If all gay men were like you it wouldn’t be necessary think about gay union/marrige/family. So…Shame on you. @Rebecca Juro: He treated you well because all religious people think that being kind with ” the sinners ” in the first contact is the correct way to lead sinners to their church.

  • Danny

    He just openly admitted his company discriminates based on sexual orientation AND marital status, such discrimination is illegal in 21 states where Chick-A-fil operates. It is also illegal to advertise that you discriminate in such a manner. The lawyers should now file multi-billion dollar class action lawsuits in all 21 states against the company.

  • Pete N SFO

    To that fool up above who thinks people are crazy for getting worked up over chicken…

    Go ahead, fund your own discrimination, and mine. What are you an idiot?

  • scribe37

    @Daez: Don’t forget if your brother dies without a male heir, you get to f*ck his wife until a son is born to give the property to.

  • scribe37

    @Daez: about your comment to me about my family… Family knows I am gay because I told them when I was in my early 20’s. After me telling them it is nothing that we ever talk about(no who are you dating, are you safe stuff). I bring my partner around everytime I see my parents. Tom even worked for my dad for a while. My parents deal with it the best they can. They try not to treat me any differently than my straight brother. Like a lot of families, mines was not overjoyed to have a gay son. My family is never going to be PFLAG members. That is what I meant in my first comment. They are religious people with a gay son dating outside his race and I see them doing the best they can. There is no reason to cut them out of my life, when they haven’t cut me out of theirs.


    @Oh well: Well I would hope you wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere!


    @Sunshine: WOW… I couldn’t have said it better… Gotta run though because my gay brother wants us to eat at Chik-fil-A tonight. He always picks the best places…. He doesn’t believe in gay marriage… Does that make a gay anti-gay? I believe in civil unions with all the same legal rights as M/F marriages. Does that make me 1/2 anti-gay? My gay brother doesn’t even believe in that! We really need to get these terms defined & without the drama!


    @Daez: My goodness…. You must love devaluing others yourself. The cause would do well without a destroyer such as yourself. You’re full of opinions and unsolicited advice. How is it sleeping in your Ford Pinto?


    @LaTeesha: Obviously dear one you’ve been so busy on the shit pot that you missed the menu. Or could that be due to the fact that you can’t read? At any rate, defecate In your Depend!


    @Danny: Danny, my goodness! It’s apparent that your reading comprehension is so limited. There is NO discriminatory intent period. No court would here your pretend case. And if one did, all the gay employees at Chik-fil-a would definitely give great pause to the case and an imminent dismissal. Read child, read!


    @Pete N SFO: Are u gonna gnaw on that raw chicken bone all day long? Do u think anybody is gonna care where the hell you eat or don’t eat? Hell to the no!


    @Haightmale: A big ol’ YAWN award for you! So important you must be! I’m sure you’ll try to duplicate their chicken recipe at home because you’ll miss it so much.


    @scribe37: Good for you Scribe. You’re one of the most mature individuals I’ve heard from. I love my brother, who happens to be gay. We discuss things very openly when there is a need to do so. Thanks for your perspective!

  • AaronT

    @Sunshine: “ALL the friggin problems in the world and THIS…THIS is what gets a rise out of you. WOW spelled backwards is still WOW! Take up a hobby or better yet, volunteer and do something for someone else less fortunate.”

    Are you kidding me with this? This man gives millions and millions of dollars to groups whose SOLE FOCUS is preventing gays from marrying and *I* should be focusing on bigger problems? And you want to talk about who is being “ridiculous”.

  • Susie Que

    What a bunch of hyper rabble-rousers y’all are. The man said he supports traditional marriage. Get over it. He never said he was anti-gay. He never said he was against equal rights. He said he supports the traditional definition of marriage.

    You support gay marriage. What the heck is the difference between what you say and what he said? Hypocrites.

    Why don’t y’all tolerate opposing views as well, instead of trying to bully the world.

  • Susie Que

    He said no such thing. You’re lying.

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