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Daniel Radcliffe’s Penis, Revealed!

For five months in 2007, actor Daniel Radcliffe appeared as Alan Strang in the play Equus, a role requiring some full-frontal acting. And for five months, people waited in vain for a skin snap to leak from that British production. The Brits, of course, are far too refined such antics and not even the tabloids went for the Harry Potter star’s prick.

Fast forward sixteen months and we find Radcliffe reprising his role here in the United States. And guess what?! One day into the Broadway show’s previews and there it is: Daniel Radcliffe’s wang for all the world to see. And we use the word “see” very loosely, because the actor’s genitals are basically a blur.

Anyway, the curious and hard up can take a maybe NSFW peak. After the jump, of course…

The images can be found here.

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  • Kari b

    We Americans have to be the first in everything. Who bid the highest for the exclusive? Did Daniel’s people negotiate?

  • Amber LeMay

    It takes big balls to do something like that… and from what I can tell… he has’em!

  • Olive Yurdich

    Yes, been there and saw that. The balls are huge, but the penis just average (unless he is a grower – it was kind of chilly in the theater).

  • Scott

    I say this as a gay dude… the girl has a waaaay better body!

  • Andy Peters

    You say “too refined” as though it’s a bad thing. Given the choice between British refined sensibilites and American tacky ones, I’ll go Brit all the way.

  • hannah


  • Alacer

    alert the media! Daniel Radcliffe has a penis! who knew…

  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    I believe he was 17 when he first started playing this role. Perhaps publishing images before would constitute publishing child pornography.

  • Darth Paul

    No. 5- This isn’t 1970, and if you think Brits aren’t tacky, you’re insane. The only thing I’ll grant is that they tend to be wittier. Aside from that, we’re about equal when it comes to sensibilities.

  • Dick

    #8- In Britain you are an adult at 17. So, someone there could have posted a picture of Daniel in the all together, BUT anyone here who looked at it might have been committing a crime.

  • Bill Cooper

    Great to see a Datalounge expression used by the author. NSFW is a sign we’ve posted on the same site about the dangles of Mr. Potter.

  • cerri

    Actual No.10 In Britain it is 18, not 17. And who the blazes is Hannah? And as a Brit I can vouch that we Brits can also be VERY tacky, so tacky it’s embarrassing.

  • hardmannyc

    Isn’t it kind of juvenile to be pointing to the penis of an actor while he’s in a role?

  • Key

    Apparently age of consent in Britain is actually 16. Which would explain Daniel’s admission in Details magazine that he lost his virginity at that age to an older woman.

  • Becky

    Doesn’t anyone have anything better to do then were about someone else’s body and the roles they play. Grow up Daniel is and has every right to choose what he wants to show or not.
    I am a very huge fan of Harry Potter and Daniels so get over it or don’t look enless your jealious that he has more guts and bigger balls than any of you.

  • Joe Nuss

    Its a free world and anyone can do what they want as long as it is legal. Would like to see more photos. And for those that find this offensive find something else to and dont be a phony because most people that complain are the biggest sinners going.

  • Leo Sherman

    Nudity alone is not pornography, even if it is a minor. These images would clearly not constitute pornography, no matter what the actor’s age. For it to be pornography, it would have to depict sex acts or focus on a genital area and have no artistic or educational value.

  • Blowsah Smith

    You filthy brits, with bad teeth and goody-two bits nonsense! That is nothing to get excited about, looks like a stretched toddler! You want excitement come to Barack Hussein Obama’s rallies and see some gay fun, drug use, pro-black dancing, anti-white jokes, muslim sheep herdin and much more! GO OBAMA 2008!

  • josh h

    “Great to see a Datalounge expression used by the author. NSFW is a sign we’ve posted on the same site about the dangles of Mr. Potter.”

    uhh, do you think that website was the first to ever use the term “NSFW”


  • Hal

    However you slice and dice it, his nudity is the big attraction here. If he never took off his clothes I suspect far fewer people would go to see the play. He has morphed from a sweet boy of infinite charm into just another movie actor who will do whatever it takes to further his career. Nothing terribly bad in that, just sad that such a unique kid had to grow up, become a big business (movie megastar) and lose what made him so adorable. David Copperfield, where did you go to?

  • Kardak

    **** this I want to see Emma Watson (Hermione) nude!

    She’s hot!

  • Becky

    the pictures are so blurry that it actually looks kind of like my husband… well except for the size of his… you know.

    As far as Daniel getting naked, I still love Harry Potter, and see him naked hasnt changed that at all. If he wants to take his clothes off and act, i say go for it.
    I say he is pretty brave because I personally wouldnt be able to do that.
    Did anyone actually see the show? Was it any good?

  • Whatdiduexpect?

    I saw it in London and Richard Griffiths was great. However Radcliffe getting nekkid is what sold tickets. Yes he has massive balls. It was amazing and rather painful looking watching them flap around in the final scene.

  • sherbrooke

    So what’s the big deal? Nobody seen a naked man before??

  • Bob Moore

    I’m more interested in Anna Camp!

  • ECDW

    fuck anyone who wants to see the play for dan’s penis and to hell with anyone that wanna see emma or hermione nude!perverts!

  • Zuzu

    Why the hell is it so fashionable and arty nowadays to play naked on stage… this is a weird fashion in arts…

  • Erin

    he is f***in
    i wanna do him NOW!!
    he is gorgeous!!!

  • Sam

    he has a nice dick. nice pubes to. i’d do him

  • trent lafone

    i think he is the most hottiest sexiest man i ever seen .i would love to make hot love to him

  • Mario

    it shows me a different pic…i feel scammed

  • Mario

    i feel scammed i shows me another pic

  • Mario

    i can’t se t he pic

  • nhl

    he did this role to acquire peace or to seek attention he could not think of something else so he did that and because he is sad that girls friendship with him just for being so rich

  • douchebabababag

    @hannah: someone who knows dan would never say “yall” @Alacer:

  • Wangdoodle

    i had a penis then i got rid of it. i didnt like it hanging aroung between my legs. shit hangs outa my butt and now a penis! oh my good its just too much! so i chopped it off myself. the holy kitchen knife. FUK MY DETACHED PENIS EVERYBODY!

  • Wangdoodle

    i smell bad after all the sperm leaked out

    its smelt then i tasted it.OMHG girls dont try it. its bad!

  • Murgatroyd

    Well, as someone who has only just watched the first four HP movies this week for the first time ever (I kid you not), I find the hooplah over DanR’s nude acting rather amusing…in a perverse sort of way. I clicked over to see video footage (indeed, it appears the young man is blessed with bulls balls). Strangely, I just realized that I have watched this young man age about 8 years (or whatever it is) over the span of just a few short days and realize that this actor has been exceedingly fortunate to have landed a role that he can pretty much call his own for as long as the HP franchise keeps pumping out new product. And he’s probably pretty well set and can write his own ticket when it comes to other artistic endeavors. So my hat is off to him for dropping trou for Art’s sake; playing a goody-two-shoe wizard who drinks pumpkin juice for that long, he must be itching to do things to offset that stereotype. No doubt we’ll be seeing more of him in the future…so to speak. Besides, it’s time people got over the “shame” of nudity, unless you happen to catch cold from it (that’s a shame, indeed).

  • yo momma


  • Joseph

    I admit that i went to see the play because of harry potter peen. BUT, i went back a *second* time because i loved the show and the acting (dan et al). Unfortunately/fortunately, due to the economy, tickets are half-price at the TKTS booth so there’s no reason for people not to attend. If you saw dan on the actor’s studio, you’d see what a great personality he has too. he seems like a great kid, i wish him the best.

  • Angel

    Yes he does. He’s GORGEOUS!

  • Kevin Fredrick Polanko


    Brit’s have balls. Excuse me, being a penis conoseure myself….53 years of undying worship, Brit’s are UNCUT. Oh Danny BOY, whut hoppend????????

  • hatesliars

    @hannah: yes im sure he is a friend of urs!!! got any proof? oh btw britney spears is my sister so nobody talk about her ok …… loser

  • dp987901

    smalsmalsmalsmalsmalsmalsmalsmalsmalsmalsmalsmalsmal im 13 and im bigger but hes wide i bet its a mouthful when hes hard hes making me turn gay oh sweet lord but now i want to see tom felton naked (dracio malfoy) he may be skinny but thats just because when ever he eats all the fat goes down into his dick

  • dp987901

    do you guys think his mom dad and other fammily has seen it how embarrising and how does he not get hard up there in front of every one he should invite his girlfrind to come see it lol butyah he has a small dick length wise but the width is ginormous

  • whatdahell

    Omg I just seen it… I was trying not too, but, I couldn’t believe everyone so I had to see it for myself. It wasn’t about the size… It was the fact that he had the guts to do it! Wow! It’ll be hard trying to watch the last movies now without thinking about his play role. Poor dan… He just lost a lot of fans and porn hungry new ones. Very sad…. Wrong choice of role! Maybe a movie next time?

  • Mitch

    @hannah: your really stupid, mkay

  • Haha

    @hannah: LMAO!! You WISH he was your friend, little girl.

    Nice photos! Haha :S Unlucky they were leaked though….good for us…..

  • Blackmattachine

    @whatdahell: He is from a theatrical family, so they take all this in stride. By the way, remember the whanger on Peter Firth, who performed this role on film?

  • charlotte

    Hello. I love daniel radcliffe naked hie is so hot. And heis penis is pretty.

  • jessica

    people are stuped when they say something like that he is a man and he can do what he please

  • xander

    @Jessica : Yes, dear, we all hate “stuped people”, but why are you researching Danny’s peen on the internet? His pud was on display in the theatre. Google “Equus” and you’ll learn something.

  • Beoncey


  • Beoncey


  • Beoncey

    THAT’S WHAT I NAMED ALL MY X-BOYFRIENDS !!!!!! crazy I know :) !!!

  • Britany

    Ok, I’m ashamed to admit I looked at several different sets of photos, and all I can say is that Dan has absolutely NOTHING to worry about. In the posed stills, he’s looking more than respectable, and in the ones with his co-actress, he’s WORKING, people. The poor guy only has so much blood supply. If he’s concentrating on his lines and cues, it’s not going to be directed elsewhere. (And yes, I AM an actress. I know what I’m talking about.)
    I should be so lucky to work with an actor of his caliber. (Theatrically, not biologically.)

  • georgemed222

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