(Sort Of)

Daniel Radcliffe’s Penis, Revealed!

For five months in 2007, actor Daniel Radcliffe appeared as Alan Strang in the play Equus, a role requiring some full-frontal acting. And for five months, people waited in vain for a skin snap to leak from that British production. The Brits, of course, are far too refined such antics and not even the tabloids went for the Harry Potter star’s prick.

Fast forward sixteen months and we find Radcliffe reprising his role here in the United States. And guess what?! One day into the Broadway show’s previews and there it is: Daniel Radcliffe’s wang for all the world to see. And we use the word “see” very loosely, because the actor’s genitals are basically a blur.

Anyway, the curious and hard up can take a maybe NSFW peak. After the jump, of course…

The images can be found here.