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Dave Chappelle probably won’t appreciate what Cedric The Entertainer just said about him

Comedy legend and longtime LGBTQ ally Cedric The Entertainer has some advice for transphobic comedian Dave Chappelle, although we’re not sure he’ll be interested in hearing it.

During a recent appearance on “The Domenick Nati Show,” the 57-year-old was asked what he thought about Chappelle’s ongoing war against cancel culture, to which he said his old friend needs to keep his ego in check or risk canceling himself.

“I think that you just gotta be watching,” he said. “Once you feel you’re un-cancelable, and you think that that’s what you’re fighting for, that’s the wrong approach to take.”

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When Nati suggested Chappelle might cancel himself, Cedric responded, “That’s my point. He will end up canceling himself if he feels like nobody can cancel him. That’s what happens. You end up getting in people’s heads in a way where they turn you off.”

“It ain’t even so much about everybody else turning you off. It’s people just decide if you think you’re bigger and better than everybody and you literally start believing that, then people start to go like, ‘You know what? F*ck you, dog!’”

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He reiterated the point again later in the interview by saying, “It’s people just deciding like ‘Dog, if you think you’re bigger and better than everybody, and you literally start believing that, then people start to go like, ‘Well, f*ck you.’”

This isn’t the first time Cedric, who voiced his full-fledged support for same-sex marriage in a 2012 interview with Ebony, has talked about Chappelle’s problematic brand of comedy. In 2019, he accurately predicted his jokes about LGBTQ issues wouldn’t age well, comparing them to the early work from Eddie Murphy.


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