Reformed Gay Porn Star One Of A Kind

David Papaleo’s Past Lives Again!

In 2006, born again porn star David Papaleo told the Dallas Voice he feel God’s pointing him to the puplit. Papaleo forgets that he and his altar ego, Tom Katt, used to be the pulpit. Good thing DNA dug up this video of Papaleo – aka Tom Katt – and his muscles getting a good old fashioned gay rubdown.

Papaleo may have found God and denounced his porny past – and alleged bisexuality – but he’s not a madman like some of his peers. In that same 2006 interview, Papaleo says,

I’ve been very unimpressed with a lot of churches. Many of them don’t study or teach the Bible in the depth that it should be taught. A lot of churches pull one or two verses out of the air and make up their own interpretations of it instead of really studying the book itself.

So many people – including myself at one time – believe those crazy so-called Christians who say, if you’re gay or bi, God doesn’t want you. That’s a big piece of crap. They are misconstruing and give twisted interpretations of Biblical scriptures. I’ve extensively studied the scriptures they try to base that on, and it’s just not true.

A former gay porn star who loves the gays? It’s a miracle!