Death To Elton John And Mary Cheney!

elton john

If you haven’t yet heard of Merrill Keiser you should. He’s a trucker running for U.S. Senate in Ohio and wants to make homosexual behavior punishable by death. Believe it or not, he’s a democrat. Yep. We can’t even see red staters voting for this guy.

Keiser showed up on the queer radio show The Edge Show to spew his hate. It appears as if he could do without one of our favorite musical queens.

Host Chad Larson: Elton John, he comes to the state of Ohio, he’s gay and proud, you want him dead? Should he be killed?

Candidate Merrill Keiser: I would prefer that he repent

Larson: Obviously, he’s not repenting, should he be killed?

Keiser: Well he’s worthy of death

And what about trigger happy Vice President Cheney’s dykey daughter?

Larson: So you are saying Mary Cheney …So you are saying Mary Cheney should be killed for being a homosexual.

Keiser: Why don’t we….What’s wrong with drugs?

We have no idea what Keiser meant by that final comment. Was he suggesting she be drugged like Larson later inquires? Or was he asking a genuine question about the acceptance of drugs in general?

Maybe Keiser was on drugs during the interview. No, that would be giving him too much credit.

Click here for the juicy audio clip.

US politician says Elton John should be executed [Pink News]