Dell Computers Are Not As Gay-Friendly As HRC Would Have You Believe

1-broken-dell-inspiron-1545-screenWe’ve never had particularly warm feelings for Dell computers, and now at least we know the feeling’s mutual. Dell proudly admits to making software that intentionally blocks access to sites that have LGBT-focused content.

Currently, Dell has a 100 percent approval rating from the Human Rights Campaign, but we wouldn’t be surprised if didn’t last much longer. Dell makes a product called “SonicWALL” that allows parents or network admins to block content for not reason other than that it is associate with LGBTs.

As an example of unacceptably gay content, Dell cites We Are Family, “a safe space for LGBTQI and straight ally youth.” Oh yeah, we wouldn’t want kids having access to safe spaces.

In a statement to Gay Star News, a Dell spokesperson explained that they created the software “based on business or organization needs.” There has been no explanation for why a business or organization might need to withhold safe spaces from children.

And mysteriously, Dell does not block access to websites that target women, or websites that have information about Asians, or websites oriented towards tall people, or websites for companies that make bargain-basement computers loaded with bloatware that crap out after a few months.

Another company with blocking software, Trend Micro, apologized when it was pointed out that they were blocking LGBT sites. They’ve promised to stop the practice. Dell, on the other hand …