Dems Offer Lackluster Marriage Remarks

The Democratic presidential candidates have both released responses to today’s gay marriage ruling in California. And they leave a lot to be desired.

In an effort to sidestep any electoral complications, neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama – both of whom oppose gay marriage – issued direct statements, but had spokespeople do the dirty work. Here’s what the Clinton campaign dispensed:

Hillary Clinton believes that gay and lesbian couples in committed relationships should have the same rights and responsibilities as all Americans and believes that civil unions are the best way to achieve this goal.

As President, Hillary Clinton will work to ensure that same sex couples have access to these rights and responsibilities at the federal level. She has said and continues to believe that the issue of marriage should be left to the states.

Barack Obama issued an equally anticlimactic remarks:

Barack Obama has always believed that same-sex couples should enjoy equal rights under the law, and he will continue to fight for civil unions as President. He respects the decision of the California Supreme Court, and continues to believe that states should make their own decisions when it comes to the issue of marriage.

On the issue of constitutional amendments, Senator Obama has been on record for some time: He opposes all divisive and discriminatory constitutional amendments, state or federal. That includes the proposed amendments in California and Florida.

Not even a small congratulations?! Rude.

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