Denmark’s Prince And Foreign Minister Warn Russia Against Anti-Gay Law

Frédéric,_Prince_héritier_de_DanemarkDenmark’s Crown Prince Frederik (right), who is a member of the International Olympic Committee (and a fox), and Foreign Minister Vitaly Søvndal have condemned Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law. And if Putin doesn’t get his shit together, they’re gonna tell the European Council on him.

“The law is highly objectionable,” Søvndal told Danish newspaper Politiken (via The Copenhagen Post). “It risks promoting discrimination and attacks against minorities in the Russian society and we have already seen examples of this. The law gives an official stamp of approval [to discriminate]. We will ensure that Russia upholds its international commitments.”

Søvndal said he would take the issue up with the European Council when it meets in September and even confront the Russian Foreign Minister directly. (*SNAP)

Vitaly and Prince Freddy were previously urged by the far left party Enhedslisten to speak out against Russia’s discriminatory  law, which bans the “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” to children.

The law’s deliberate vagueness has spurred further homophobic sentiment and violence in the country, with many urging a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, or a completely different host country. The IOC, meanwhile, had been confused over how the law would affect the Games, then came to its “senses” and effectively backed Russia’s homophobia.

But Fred’s not having that.

“If individual groups are discriminated against it would be a breach of the Olympic charter, the Olympic spirit and not least the contract that each host country makes with the IOC,” the prince wrote in an email to Politiken. “The IOC president has made this clear to the Russian hosts.”

Last week President Obama responded to the human rights violations in Russia with a definitive “ain’t nobody got time for that,” before putting his words into action by canceling his meeting with President Vladimir Putin.