Designer Undies: What’s Your Take?

You may have head that aussieBum, the wildly popular underwear line founded by Sean Ashby recently launched a new “wonderbra”-esque brief deemed “The Wonderjock”. In case you can’t put it together (which we doubt), the penis-enhancing panties push, pull, and prod the boys into the most eye-popping bulge. Well, eyes and other things, too.

Well, actually, we don’t really care that much, but we were chatting with a friend recently about the various undies marketed specifically and/or aggressively to the homos, i.e.: Aussie Bum, 2xist, and Ginch Gonch to name a few.

While we love a good pair of slut skivvies, we’ve always been partial to fairly simple briefs. Perhaps a fun design or color, but nothing too garish. What can we say? We think they’re sexy. (Although, there is one particular man who can rock a pair of 2xist briefs like whoa, but nevermind…)

Anyway, we want to know what you think: do you go the extra mile to make your penis more interesting than it already is or do you keep your shit stream-lined?

Inquiring minds want to know.

(As an aside, we’ve pictured the aforementioned Wonderjock above. It’s worth noting that the model actually has a vagina. Now, that’s wonderous…)