Detox Spills the Tee About Her Solo Album

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This week, in an all new episode of Jonny McGovern’s sickening talk show ‘Hey Qween!’, Detox sits down on the couch to talk about her drag career, her family, the drama and issues of DWV, traveling the world and her very active sexy life, plus she announces that she is currently writing songs for her first solo album!

Watch the full interview below.

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Here’s the tee that Detox spills to Jonny about the status of her album, as well as the possibility of a collaboration with one of the queens of hip hop:

[quote]”We all have our own side projects that we’re working on as well, so I’m currently writing my first hit pop album, Vicky is recording an album, Willam is recording his stuff. I also an electroclash band that I’ve been working on—we started it four years ago and now it’s like time to get things—especially with the momentum that I’ve been having the past few years. It’s time to start that rolling again. Fangs, it’s called Fangs. It’s me and three amazing other people: Jacqueline, Cervando and Sherry. We’re all based out of LA and we’re gonna make some really fun dancing electronic music…

“[My album will be] ratchet hip hop. I mean we haven’t even started recording it cause I’ve had no time. I’ve barely just started writing stuff for it… I’m trying to focus on me and doing stuff that I wanna do.

“There is a possible collaboration with Lil’ Kim in the works, who is my god. So when she pops out that kid, once she pops that f*cking kid out it’s on.”[/quote]

Jonny McGovern’s Hey Qween! with Detox From RuPaul’s Drag Race

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