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Did A Gay New Zealand Airport Guard Enjoy Strip Searching Too Much?

Glenn Rankin and John Smith, two security officers with New Zealand’s Christchurch International Airport, got sacked for allgedly talking to the press about a “flamboyant” gay co-worker who “sought more than his share of strip-search assignments, made lewd comments about male passengers… and used recreational drugs.” Rankin and Smith deny talking to the press and want their jobs back, but their former bosses aren’t so agreeable.

Meanwhile the homo in question, who’s also accused of using recreational drugs, still works at the airport. As for all the strip search notches: Customs manager Stuart Lumsden says they only seem high because he worked the busiest shifts and was often the only male officer available to conduct searches on men — and only did so with the approval of a senior officer. Can’t a ‘mo take a pleasure in his work without being labeled a perv?