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Did A Gay New Zealand Airport Guard Enjoy Strip Searching Too Much?

Glenn Rankin and John Smith, two security officers with New Zealand’s Christchurch International Airport, got sacked for allgedly talking to the press about a “flamboyant” gay co-worker who “sought more than his share of strip-search assignments, made lewd comments about male passengers… and used recreational drugs.” Rankin and Smith deny talking to the press and want their jobs back, but their former bosses aren’t so agreeable.

Meanwhile the homo in question, who’s also accused of using recreational drugs, still works at the airport. As for all the strip search notches: Customs manager Stuart Lumsden says they only seem high because he worked the busiest shifts and was often the only male officer available to conduct searches on men — and only did so with the approval of a senior officer. Can’t a ‘mo take a pleasure in his work without being labeled a perv?

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  • whatever

    I saw that porno in the picture there–“Bareback Baggage Handlers 8” Five stars!

  • [email protected]

    Who writes this blog these days? Its just not very crisp. To be kind.

    As to the strip searching jerk, gay or straight, he should be fired & charged. Being sexually harassed is nasty business, no matter what side of the fence its coming from.

  • Michael

    @[email protected]: Where does the article say the employee sexually harassed anyone? If you actually read and comprehend what was written you’d see the employee only did the searches with a supervisor’s approval. If the other 2 employees were fired due to their actions then it should tell you who’s in the wrong. No company would risk a sexual harassment lawsuit so I highly doubt this gay guy is guilty of such.

  • KWil

    “Can’t a ‘mo take a pleasure in his work without being labeled a perv?”
    Thats not exactly a good defence for a strip searcher accused of sexual misconduct in a workplace. I for one think its just the phobes pointing fingers, but still, nice going by titillating the article with erotic pictures and making THAT comment in a rather sensitive issue.

  • Jacob


    What’s your opinion on

    Straight men strip searching straight women
    Gay man strip searching gay men
    Gay woman strip searching gay women
    Gay man strip searching straight women

    (etc. all 16 permutations. In this hypothetical assume that “gay” is a binomial function)

    Is it really a good idea to have gay men conduct strip searches on men? Not at all questioning this particular guard’s sense of professional responsibility. Just the procedure in question.

  • Jaroslaw

    #4 where does it say in this article that the “mo” was accused of anything?

    And you must have the sense of humor of a bowl of dirt. Queerty saying “can’t a mo enjoy his work…” that was just humorous, not a serious defense. Come on, in all the reading you do, nothing has a joke or little witty remark in it, ever?

  • ewe

    Can’t one ask for an airport cop to strip search you?

  • seymour

    Wow! He was the highlight of my trip to New Zealand. Cute, blokey and totally got into the role. Didn’t get the cavity search though…

  • Curtispsf

    I ALWAYS ask for the pat down when I go through airport security and I’m always careful to ask for “extra service” saying that I haven’t gotten laid in awhile. That always gets me through in a hurry. Allahu Akhbar! ;)

  • tomk1of1

    I’m writing from the US. In several of “these”,types of stories,lol..the pics are blank. Not that I need to see naked men here,but from the comments leads me to believe that,elsewhere they are not blank boxes… the US is censoring the contents,especially nudity,,in fact only nudity…not that I’m surprised..The hypocrisy around all this in the states is ridiculous.

    But I can’t say with certainty. I’ve tried to find articles on the internet that deal with it,or ask without success???

  • Evji108

    What has the photo to do with the article? As far as I can tell the only real story is that two co workers got fired for gossiping and making allegations about a gay co worker. Pure clickbait with no substance whatsoever.

  • Evji108

    @tomk1of1: I think it is your computer. The photos are not blank, and I am in the US.

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