Did Marine Gay Bashing Victim Kieran Daly Use Racial Epithets In Another Violent Encounter?

Kieran Daly, the 26-year-old Savannah man accusing two Marines of gay bashing him, might have his own skeletons in his closet. A January police report says Daly twice shouted “a racial slur” at a truck driver who reportedly followed him off the road and to a gas station after some highway road rage. The truck driver allegedly “grabbed [Daly] by the neck and punched him in the head multiple times,” though Daly says he was injured. As for the charges that he use racial epithets? “Entirely false,” he says.

Which might be true; it might not be. Like Daly’s gay bashing, we weren’t there. And while it doesn’t change what happened that fateful Saturday morning, it does paint Daly as a less sympathetic figure. And it has me thinking attorneys for accused Marines Keil Joseph Cronauer and Christopher Charles Stanzel just might be helping report Daly’s unsavory past.