DNC Explains What Happened In Maine (But Not Why It Bailed on Question 1)

INSUFFICIENT — Hoping to clarify what those emails to supporters were about, DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan explains: “In Maine there were over a half dozen ballot initiatives and referendums, and local municipal elections at stake and OFA sent an e-mail to thousands of activists encouraging them to vote in support of progressive causes and candidates. There were some Mainers who received an erroneous e-mail regarding the New Jersey Governor’s election – that e-mail was not intended to downplay the significance of Maine’s local elections.” And the reason the DNC didn’t specifically encourage voters to vote “No On 1” was …?

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  • walt

    Hope and Change! (except for teh gay)

  • InExile

    Yes all the hopey and changey was not for us!

  • YellowRanger

    I drank gallons of the hope and change kool-aid last year.

    That stuff has a terrible aftertaste.

  • Mike L.

    Here here YellowRanger.

  • Bill Perdue

    And the reason the DNC didn’t specifically encourage voters to vote “No On 1” was… because the DNC, the White House, and the White House Office for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships are home to some of the worst right wing christer bigots in DC, and that’s saying a lot.

    The White House Office for Faith-Based bribes is run by an ordained pentecostal bigot named Joshua Dubois, Obama’s campaign manager for bigot, aka, christian, outreach. Dubois arranged for the series of revival meetings masked as political rallies run by Donnie McClurkin. He also set up Obama’s appearance at Rick Warren’s southern baptist (SOB) bigotfest just before the election. That’s the bully pulpit Obama used to torpedo our chances to save same sex marriage in California with his disgusting comment that we don’t deserve to be married because “gawd’s in the mix.”

    The DNC is run by Tim Kaine of Virginia, a bigot who caters to the christer right by and opposes same sex marriage. The day to day operations of the DNC are run by Leah Daughtry, another ordained pentecostal minister and a bigot who lost a lawsuit that claimed that the DNC discriminated against it’s GLBT staff. Daughtry also supplied DNC funds, to promote homohating and attack women’s reproductive right of choice.

    And at the apex of this pile of dung sits the White House, which has the same attitude towards us that Clinton and Bush had. They all pretend not to be bigots, make the occasional gesture and do everything they can to sabotage chances for repeal of Bill Clintons DADT and DOMA and delay the passage of real anti-discrimination and anti-hate laws.

  • michael

    Since my home state Tennessee is a shoe in to vote against Obama I am going to use my energies to see that he does not win in states where the races are tight. He has betrayed us, the DNC does nothing for us and as far as I am concerned let the Republicans have the entire country. The majority of Americans are pieces of shit and that was shown once more in Maine. America deserves to eat dirt for the oppression that it sanctions.

  • Attmay

    Actually, we should be writing the state and national GOP offices and telling them that if they stop their anti-gay jihad (not postpone but stop for good) we will help them beat Democrats and keep them out of power for good.

  • edgyguy1426

    Saying there were over ‘half a dozen ballot initiatives and referendums’ makes it sound like an overwhelming number. Yeah we’re on to your verbal cop-outs.

  • Bill Perdue

    No. 7 • Attmay and No. 6 • michael – The Republicans and the Democrats have parallel policies and politics on all the main questions that effect GLBT folks. They oppose our agenda. They cater to the religious right. They oppose any measures to stifle the open and dangerous bigotry of the cults. Their differences are cosmetic.

    In addition they seem intent on retaining Clintons DADT and DOMA, continuing the war to steal oil and giving the rich whatever they want.

    We have to abandon both parties and build a leftwing party based on the trade unions.

    Democrats are Republicans in drag.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    The bouncing check is in the mail….

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