Doctor cautions men against partaking in bizarre online banana trend

A doctor is warning men to please stop masturbating with banana peels.

The warning comes after the trend emerged on Reddit. According to guys familiar with the practice, the goo from the peel works as a lubricant and produces a similar feeling to receiving oral sex. Or something.

The sensation is purportedly enhanced if you heat the banana up in the microwave first.

One Redditer reports: “I have been doing it for years and it’s great. It’s the closest thing there is to a BJ, trust me I’ve had hundreds of them.”

Just to be super clear: Queerty does not encourage or endorse this behavior. And neither does Dr. Diana Gill of the online prescription service Doctor-4-u.

“You could develop a rash and sores on the penis which can be painful and might lead to infection,” Gill cautions.

In the threat of sores and infections isn’t enough to deter you, Gill says it could also cause an unexpected allergic reaction.

“A person with a banana allergy is more likely to be allergic to other substances such as latex or other fruits and vegetables,” she explains. “So if you’re allergic to latex condoms you may also be allergic to banana skins.”

The banana trend emerged after it was recently revealed men have been putting toothpaste on their penises to last longer in bed, which experts also caution against.

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