Does Boy George Feel Remorse For Kidnapping That Escort? Not Quite


SOUNDBITES — “The important thing is that I don’t feel malice towards anybody. That’s the most important thing. Whether I feel remorse or not is irrelevant. What I would say is this: what happened in the last five years of my life [that is, until he gave up cocaine] was all to do with drugs. I took responsibility for that, in a way. Generally, my attitude is, I put myself in those situations because of drugs. I never would have made those decisions if I had not been high. So that, if I sit down and start thinking about the finer details, I would drive myself crazy.” —Boy George, reflecting on handcuffing, whipping, and threatening a male escort, which landed him a 15-month jail sentence

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  • scott ny'er

    whoa. man, i used to be a fan of this dude. Hmmm. Not so much anymore. It’s all about him. Which I guess it always was, but I thought that was an act.

    and man, he looks like crap. Think about it. He was big when Madonna, Prince, George Michael, Cyndi Lauper were big. He really messed himself up.

    What I’d like him to say was, “yeah, i effed up. I shouldn’t have done that. I took drugs, it messed me up and feel terrible about what i did to that dude.”

    Unless he thinks he’s innocent and there was something we don’t know about, which I doubt.

  • Nelson G

    I don’t know about that; I know of people who have admitted to their faults and still get hated on by their own community.

    The man went to prison for fifteen months. If that’s not accepting responsibility, then what is?

  • Tommy

    I agree with Scott. I would like to see him show some compassion for his victim.
    I don’t think merely going to jail is taking responsibility. When you get a prison sentence, you don’t have a choice about going there. They drag your ass to the jail and lock you up. It’s not about you making a choice to do something or be responsible.
    And he didn’t spend 15 months there. They let him out after 4 months and had him under house arrest for a few months. After reading what he said, I think they should have made him stay the whole 15 months!

    He wants to be able to come back to the US. I think to get a visa, he should show some remorse for what he did to that other person.

  • extrabatteries

    uncle fester.

  • AlwaysGay

    Oh my, extrabatteries, you are right. LOL He is unrecognizable compared to just a few years ago. He needs to lose weight. Very sad to see how much he has let himself go.

  • joe

    When’s his new CD coming out?
    “Spanking to be clever”
    Cant believe he let himself go like that.
    No self esteem I guess.
    He still and always will be a pioneer to me, in not being afraid of who you are.
    Not to be afraid of what people will think of me,
    Kind of like I’m here I’m queer, get use to it.
    I always be grateful for Him back in the 80’s when I was petrified and afraid to come out of the closet.

  • Tommy

    So when he was saying you shouldn’t be afraid of who you are he meant everyone should have the right to tie up and beat a prostitute?
    I think you should be afraid of who you are if you’re like him.
    I think they are so many other singers who are better role models for the gay youth.
    About him, I think the emperor has no clothes. I think he’s vastly overrated as some great symbol for gay people.
    It’s not the 80’s anymore.
    I doubt he will release a new cd ever. He’s been saying for years it’s coming out soon and it never does.

  • joe

    Ooooh Tommy, You Jackass!
    Go back and re-read my post will ya!
    Did I know He was going tie up and beat some Hustler later in life …NO!
    did I know You were going to be a stupid, narrow minded nitwit in 2009?…No!

    Give the guy some credit, He was putting himself out there back in the 80s. When some of us were still peeking out that closet door.
    How dare you question My integrity You lame piece of s**t!

  • tina chow

    He has made an admirable statement, and one to be respected, not chastised. Plain and simple haters.

  • Tom

    Jesus! Did he kidnap him or eat him?

  • Dingo

    He looks like Uncle Fester

  • GiGi Simsbrook

    Not that Boy George is ready for Morning Goods — but EVERYONE — that pic is Boy’s BROTHER —- NOT Boy George!

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