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Does Your Escort Have a Specialty?


Just like in the porn biz, it’s the men who hit the glass ceiling in the escort world, earning sometimes half of what women make. And just like the fractured media climate, where there is a television network or blog for any interest, male escorts are finding themselves forced to “specialize” to stay competitive. This is disappointing, certainly, for all the young boys who had dreams of one day growing up, going to an Ivy League school, and graduating to practice general escorting.

(Sneaky ad for HBO show Hung via Copyranter)

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  • me

    i REALLY REALLY wished the titular appendage had a starring role :(

  • TANK

    “It breaks their fantasy,” says Andrew, “so you have to keep it a secret. But there was no problem advertising as a straight guy for male clients, even in the gay press. There are gay guys who want that.”

    Yes, they’re called faggots. LOL!

  • TANK


    And it’s impossible to get angry at faggots, because there are so many of them (some married to women). And, they’re pathetic. I just don’t want to talk to ’em. I can pick a faggot of a pack of gay men in no time, and then I amuse myself trying to get him ostracized…it’s sleight of hand.

  • mk

    A lot of gays fetishize straight guys. Nearly all straight men fetishize lipstick lesbians, and some women fetishize straight seeming gay men. Everybody except maybe lesbians are hot for the group who doesn’t want them.

  • Bitch, Please!

    Really? Gay hustlers make less? I thought with more supply of women hookers their prices would be lower or more negotiable! Who knew?

  • mk

    @Bitch, Please!: There are more straight guys than gay ones. It’s also much easier for gay men to arrange instant, very convenient, no commitment, no hassle sex with another guy for free than it is for straight guys to arrange the same with women. I’ve never heard of a straight equivalent to Manhunt.

  • cynch

    Matt Sanchez hit the glass ceiling in 2002 after he raised his rates from $200/$250 an hour to $250/$300 an hour. One of his specialties was rape scenes.

    The Wayback Machine archived his old “Excellent-Top” escort site. You can see the pages here…*/

    Comedy gold!

    Sanchez advertised his services between 2000 and 2002. I know he denies having anything to do with escorting/prostitution, but if you check the source code on the pages he posted in 2002 you’ll see his name in the author tag.

  • Mojo Jojo

    Here’s one of Matt Sanchez’s specialties, copied from the “black page” of his manwhore site…

    “I get asked all the time if I have leather. I am not really a leather person, but one client insisted on coming by with a dog chain, leash and some very specific instructions. Twenty minutest later I had him tied up in my closet and went about my business for hours, which included topping another client while my “pet” waited patiently on the other side of the closed door. This isn’t necessarily what I prefer to do but both clients were very, very happy. By the way, I kept the chain and leash (despite the fact that I don’t even have a permenant pet) I habitually store them, out of sight, in my closet. I can’t have visitors looking around my spic and span apartment wondering where my dog is. :)”

    He probably made a thousand bucks just for keeping some pathetic queen locked in his closet. How metaphorical!

  • M Shane

    I once was friends with a number of hustlers in San Fransisco : Some of them were straight but almost always they either were tops, mostly oral . This would be a hard thing for me because that would be kind a dissatisfying arrangement, having always been a top. I wonder if any are good bottoms or masochists too? My guess is not; at least for anyone.

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