Don Jr.’s ex just spilled a whole pot of tea on Twitter, alleging drug use, affairs, and more

Singer Aubrey O’Day is once again spilling the tea on Donald Trump Jr., making some pretty big accusations against him in a string of tweets at her alleged ex.

In the past, O’Day has spoken openly about an alleged fling she had with Don Jr. while he was still married to his now-ex-wife Vanessa. According to O’Day, the couple met on the set of Celebrity Apprentice in 2011 and maintained a relationship until March 2012, when Vanessa found emails between them.

Over the weekend, O’Day ripped into Junior, who she once described as her “soul mate,” on Twitter, talking very openly about his alleged infidelities and drug use, as well as lodging attacks on his current girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

It all started when Don Jr. went after The Lincoln Project, tweeting: “The Lincoln Project should probably change their name to the Pedophile Project to better reflect their true ‘values’.”

The tweet appears to be in response to an explosive New York Times report about the group’s co-founder, John Weaver, becoming ensnared in a gay sext scandal with nearly two dozen young men, including at least one who was still a teenager.

O’Day responded, “well if we are reflecting ‘true values’ you better go have a little sit down with your children and let them know about your affairs and drug use. fair is fair.”

But she didn’t stop there. In a follow up tweet, O’Day made a jab at Kimberly Guilfoyle, calling her “Kimberly Garfield.”

“I’d rather whine on Twitter than f*ck kimberly garfield any day… that part I get,” she wrote.

And in a third tweet, she brought up those allegations of sexual harassment made against Guilfoyle during her time at Fox News.

“..and imagine allegedly she was sexually harassing multiple women.. she can’t find a human soul that wants in that box.”

This isn’t the first time O’Day has come for Don Jr. on Twitter. Last November, she claimed to have done drugs with him in the past, tweeting, “we did drugs together. Cocaine was never one of them, he never showed any interest. so I can’t say that.”

In another tweet, she opined that he was either addicted to adderall or deeply conflicted, writing, “I mean he’s either on serious adderol or conflicted inside. he doesn’t look well.. for a while now.”

Don Jr. hasn’t spoken publicly about his alleged relationship with O’Day or responded to any of her recent tweets.

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.