Donna Milo Is Against Gay Marriage – Even Though She Once Had One

Remember Donna Milo, the Cuban transwoman who’s running as a Republican Congress? She believes marriage should be between “a man and a woman” and that her “triumphs are based on [her] abilities, not on a label or a crutch.” That’s nice, except that the crutches she’s supposedly never used are the same ones that allowed her to become a US citizen, get married and have kids.

According to Milo’s website she was born in Cuba in the early 1960s and came to America at age three. As such, she benefited from the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act which changed the legal status of Cuban immigrants to grant them “permanent resident status” with access to legal work, medical care, government welfare, and unemployment benefits. So Milo’s right; she didn’t depend on a crutch so much as a automatic wheelchair.

Furthermore Milo married her sweetheart (a woman) at age 19 and had two kids. That means that Milo—who transitioned from male-to-female via surgery sometime after becoming a spouse and parent—considered herself a woman when she married her wife; that is, she got gay married, something she’s now against. Ironically, if Milo tried to remarry Florida courts wouldn’t allow her to marry a man because they only take into account your biological gender at birth. So if Ms. Milo wanted to remarry in Florida, she’d have to marry a woman—gay marriage, something she’s against.

It’s important to point out this hilarious contradiction because it highlights what makes Milo such a horrible candidate for Congress. She’s a teabaggy mix of Conservative contradictions who supports ENDA (because her trans-ass could be fired from Congress with no legal recourse otherwise) but is against giving LGBTs other marriage and parental rights. She’s benefited from the same sorts of entitlements she’s now against and that glaring oversight makes her not only a poor congressional candidate, but one who would work hard to make sure none of us ever get married or have kids. Even though she got to do both.