RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7: Dragaholic Staff Picks

Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race just ended and already we are living for Season 7.  Rumor has it that S7 will be shot sometime this summer and everyone is dying to know who will be in the cast.  Here are some of our Dragaholic staff’s picks for queens we would like to see in Season 7. Who do you want to see? Leave your opinions in the comments area below or tweet them to us and let us know who you think should be cast on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7.

Some girls seem almost guaranteed to get cast,  like Vicky Vox and Sherry Vine. Vicky is leading our Drag Race Season 7 fan vote by a landslide, and Sherry is a talented and seasoned performer who is known in New York and all over the country, as well as internationally. Season 6, however,  had a cast of 14. If that count stays steady, that leaves a lot of slots to fill. So we also found some girls who might have a surprise bit of crunch to flavor up the peanut butter.

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Tim Winfred


1. Mahlae Balenciaga

From: Hayward, CA

Mahlae Balenciaga Jose A Guzman Colon
Image Credit: Jose A Guzman Colon Photography

What she serves:

Mahlae Balenciaga is a one of the fastest rising drag entertainers in the San Francisco Bay Area, and for good reason! Not only can this bitch perform the house down and slay the audience on a microphone, she also has a sickening fashion sense and her mug is ALWAYS beat for the gods! Her quick wit and devilishly charming personality have helped her to quickly grow a fan base in California, and nationally (hence the reason she is number 31 on our Drag Race Season 7 fan vote).

Mahlae Balenciaga Performing
Image Credit:


2. Grace Towers

From: San Francisco, CA

Grace Towers Bearded Drag Queen Photoshoot
Image Credit:

What she serves:

In the first episode of RuPaul’s new podcast series “What’s The Tee?”, Michelle Visage and Ru kiki about the audition process for RuPaul’s Drag Race. They discuss why queens like Alaska Thunderfuck, who had auditioned for every season, took so long to be cast on the show. Their reason: the earlier seasons weren’t the right time for her “type” of drag. They finally decided to cast her after the huge success of Sharon Needles, who opened the eyes of fans to the hardcore side of drag. In season 6, Milk stomped down the runway in episode two and America got it’s first real taste of a “bearded queen.” With the positive feedback Milk has received from fans, now may be the perfect transition time to introduce a fully bearded queen… and there’s none more sickening and stylish than Grace Towers! Although some may argue that her beard is a distraction from the female illusion, her high energy performances, professional makeup skills and amazing fashion sense are what make her so noteworthy!

Grace Towers Trannyshack
Image Credit: FBFE Photography


3. Rhea Litre’

From: West Hollywood, CA

Rhea Litre Magnus Hastings
Image Credit: Magnus Hastings

What she serves:

It seems that every year, during filming for the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Rhea Litre’s name gets dropped as a potential contestant. During auditions for season 6, there seemed to be a lot of resistance against her from fans because, instead of wearing wigs, she tended to rock her natural boy hair even while in drag.

Following Rhea’s runway look at the 2013 Marco Marco fashion show, where she wore a long pink ponytail, she has evolved her style to include a whole array of wigs. In addition to the fact that she is close friends with many Drag Race alum (you may have seen her in Alaska Thunderfuck’s ‘Ru Girl’ music video), her wig evolution has elevated her style to a sickening new level worthy of a spot on season 7!

Rhea Litre Devin Mitchell
Image Credit: Devin Mitchell

Deborah Nelson

Assistant Editor & Features Writer

1. Heidi Glüm (Miles DeNiro)

From: Washington, DC

Miles DeNiro Thin and Fabulous
Image credit: Citizen Chris

What she serves:

In a word: Popularity. Heidi is Number 18 in our Drag Race Season 7 fan vote. She knows literally everyone in the drag world and is adored by all. Heidi recently attended an exclusive drag event in New York. Here she is posing with Drag Race alum Willam Belli, looking exquisite by the way. Let’s see Santino read that designer look!

Heidi Glum with Willam Belli
Image credit: Amy Bexxx

Heidi has also has great body, a superb wardrobe and versatile looks.  She can rock the black goth look to scare your grandma or put on a blonde wig and look like the sweetest little Barbie you ever had in your collection.  Heidi also has great drag genealogy — Sharon Needles is her drag mother. In addition, Heidi sews and accessorizes like a mofo, so costume challenges shouldn’t slay her.  Most importantly, Heidi is a fun and warm person who has a large and loyal fan base.  Performance wise, the more she lets herself go, the better she gets.

 In Heidi’s own words: How much it would mean to her to be cast in RPDR S7.

2. Amy Vodkahaus

From: Pittsburgh, PA

Amy Vodkahaus
Photo credit:

What she serves:

Amy can sing not just any pop song but real high note opera. Vocally she would probably be the Adore or Courtney of her season and sail through any singing challenge.  Amy also sews and makes wigs — not just for herself but for her BFF Alaska Thunderfuck.  She has created several of Alaska’s classic looks and would do herself proud on a Drag Race workroom sewing machine.  Amy has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take herself too seriously.  Her drag ethos is trashy but she can also do classy and elegant.  Her makeup is always perfection. Amy is loyal and would do well in team challenges.  However, she doesn’t suffer a fool in silence and would definitely call a bitch out if she saw any shade.

Also, Amy is the only Bosnian-American drag queen. Ever. Here are Amy and Alaska putting on their “Hooker Shoes” to go sing their hit club song of the same name.

In Amy’s own words: How much it would mean to her to be cast in RPDR S7.

Amy Vodkahaus and Alaska Thunderfuck
Image credit:

3. Laila McQueen

From: Manchester, NH

Laila McQueen
Image credit:

What she serves:

Laila may be a wildcard pick for Season 7 but she’s an interesting one. Her look is hot, yet at the same time crazy. Her You Tube videos confirm – yep she’s crazy! But a hell of a a lip syncer and a performer with the potential to slay on a larger stage.  Ms. Laila serves her politically incorrect drag humor nicely with lip-syncs to Beetlejuice, Billy Idol (singing “White Wedding” dressed in black pleather and red fluff) and Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” Laila also showed her sense of humor by owning her Sharon Needles resemblance in the “Snatch Game” portion of her Season 7 audition tape.  If cast, guess who she will be impersonating?

The boy behind Laila, Tyler Devlin, is a skilled artist, so she is sure to have the edge on any art-based challenges and to come up with some enchantingly crafty accessories. Take a look at this truly sickening painting by boy Laila, Tyler:

Laila painting
Image Credit:

Star LaBranche

Staff Writer 

1. Heidi Glüm

Heidi Glum as Alaska
Image credit: Photo by Caldwell Linker via Miles DeNiro Instagram

What she serves:

Her makeup and costumes are second to none. She’s like a burlesque Sharon Needles with Latrice Royale’s lip syncing skills. But not only is she hugely talented, she’s also amazingly sweet and personable. This is not a queen that has let showbiz go to her head. Despite being very popular in the DC area and commanding a huge following, she is down to earth and loves to chat with her fans through social media.

Heidi Glum in large white hat
Image credit:


2. Michelle Livigne

From: Richmond, VA

Michelle Livigne
Image credit:

What she serves: 

Michelle has won local awards for her drag and this queen is ready to take her show international. Watching her lip sync is amazing. She lives to be a performer and she’s really damn good at it. Her outfits are daring, quirky and fun. Not only that, but she can command a microphone like no one else. Michelle is quick-witted, hilarious and dirty. She can always keep a show exciting when she’s not even on stage.

Michelle Livigne black bikini
Image credit: Eric Russell “POP MY FLASH!” Photography


3. Vicky Vox

From: Hollywood, CA

Vicky Vox
Image credit:

What she serves:

Vicky has long been known to drag race fans as one third of DWV, the hilarious music group behind hits such as Chow Down (A Chick-fil-a) and Boy is a Bottom. Now that both Willam and Detox have been on Drag Race, it’s time that DWV makes the show a family affair. Vicky is so talented, from not only her singing, but her comedy, her look, her makeup, she would be a perfect fit to the cast of Season 7. It just makes sense.

Vicky Vox Willam Belli and Detox
Image credit:

And a Few Suggestions for Season 8…

We feel it’s time for Drag Race to start branching out and including more of the drag community in their pool of contestants. Here are some drag stars who may have “Oh no I better don’t”-ed themselves out of even applying for Season 7. Well, maybe Season 8 will be the season RuPaul’s Drag Race “better do” open itself up to all drag performers.

Star’s Honorary Choice:

Eunita Biskit

From: Norfolk, VA

Eunita Biskit
Image credit: Biskit

What she serves:

RuPaul’s Drag Race has needed a bearded queen for six seasons. Milk’s looks were close as we got to seeing actual genderfuck on the Drag Race runway this year. Eunita is not only a great performer and lip syncer, she can command a microphone, make the most vulgar sailors in the world blush, and help you find a dealer for after the show. Drag Race needs to open itself up to more kinds of drag and make some room for a bearded queen.

Deborah’s Honorary Choice:

Lou Henry Hoover

From: Seattle, WA

Lou Henry Hoover
Image credit:

What she serves:

She’s a drag king who wears facial hair and performs in a suit.  She’s also a girl dancer BFF of BenDeLaCreme who, along with her partner Kitten LaRue, co-stars in DeLa’s show “Terminally Delightful.”  She’s perplexing in the best way possible.

Here is Lou after a recent performance of “Terminally Delightful” in New York CIty.  She’s the one in the… wait.. which one is she???

BenDeLaCreme Lou Henry Hoover Kitten LaRue
Image credit: