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Dramatic Struggle For Gay Rights In The 1960s Becomes New TV Series


With the success of Looking and The Normal Heart, HBO is quickly becoming the go-to network for high profile, high quality gay content, and for their next gay project they’re looking back to the ’60s.

HBO has picked up the script for Open City, from out producer/director/choreographer Adam Shankman (Hairspray) and writer David Kajganich, and if The Hollywood Reporter‘s description of the project is anything to go by, we’re definitely in for something that we haven’t seen before:

Open City is set in the vibrant, turbulent New York of the late 1960s and explores characters from disparate corners of Manhattan as they navigate the cultural revolution and political turmoil of the era. The drama will also examine the unlikely alliance between the Mafia and the city’s gay community in the opening of a West Village nightclub. 

Open City‘s creators will certainly have the benefit of someone who knows the terrain well. One of the original owners of New York City’s iconic Stonewall Inn, Ronnie Lorenzo, has signed on as a consulting producer.

Seems to us like we could be looking at an edgier Mad Men for the gays, and given HBO’s track record as of late, they will not be shy with the sex scenes. Since the show’s only in development, it could be quite some time before we hear of any more information, but we’ll be interested to see what talent gets attached to the project.

More openly gay actors playing gay roles on HBO? We’re here for it.

Until then, we’ll just be reliving Looking season 1 and waiting for the next great gay show to come around.