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Dream Honeymoon Destinations To Make You Wish You Had A Ring On It

Marriage can’t be all that bad… big party, equal rights and perhaps most importantly, an excuse to travel the world with just your very special Mr. Right.

Best of GayCities is giving engaged gay couples a chance to weigh in on their dream “Honeymoon Hotspot” destination of the year. Meanwhile for all the eligible bachelors out there — remember, it’s never too early to start planning.

So what will it be? The glorious splendor of Santorini in Greece? An exotic gateway to Bali? Forgetting about the rest of the world in Phuket, Thailand? Enjoying the tropical environment in Costa Rica? Cruising around Italy’s fabulous Lake Como? Or soaking up the sun in Puerto Rico?

Vote now and come back to vote everyday until Sunday, January 19 to increase your chances to win a trip on American Airlines.

Photo: Flickr