Drunk Priest Didn’t Get Off DUI Charges By Offering Oral Sex To Cops


So how did Akron, Ohio’s Father Ignatius Kury attempt to get out of a drunk driving arrest? By propositioning police offers with oral sex in exchange for his freedom. Know what you should never to do police officers? Proposition them with a sexual bribe. Especially not when it’s being videotaped. (Also, never drop Oprah Winfrey‘s name unless you can back it up, cool?) Kury, who oversees the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Church, ranted for 20 minutes, which included a peep show and exclamations that he “want[s] you to love me.” He’s been released on bond. [Fox 8]

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  • JKB

    That was painful…I was like “gurl!”

  • DJ

    I wonder how many people in his congregation knew he was a mo. Between his soft voice and lip wrist, it’s really not that hard to figure out lol.

  • Harbo

    Finally, a priest whose values I share!!!

  • Shannon1981

    LOL this is priceless. I bet he isn’t in the pulpit anymore! How many more religious homos are gonna be outed this week? *pops popcorn and waits for more*

  • Jaroslaw

    He seems pretty creepy to me overall and God knows I’m not defending him; but saying “do you want me to give you a BJ?” isn’t exactly the same thing as “I’ll give you a BJ if you let me go.” He was after all pretty lit up. Police misconduct isn’t exactly rare nor are exchanges of sexual favors….

  • mark

    hes not jeffery dahmer

  • Ogre Magi

    That priest is a gay homosexual

  • John

    I feel sorry for him. He’s a (barely) closeted queer who clearly has the wrong gig. I sincerely hope that he manages to pull his life together and finds a path which is true to his nature. I fear that he’s yet another gay boy whose brain was bashed with a Bible.

    Credit where it’s due: my dad took me out of the Sunday school my grandmother put me in after he was divorced eons ago. Thank goodness!

  • mulletkitty

    “I’ll give you the sermon on the mount. Your sermon on the mount is this: GET THESE CUFFS THE F**K OFF OF ME because they are giving me a RASH.”

    South Park could not write this.

  • Labi Ajeti

    shum fort ncnc this is not good

  • scribe

    omg…. that is the funniest thing i have ever seen

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