Census? Senseless

Elected Officials Find Time to Care About Counting Gay People


President Barack Obama is just so v. v. busy, he doesn’t have time to deal with The Gays yet! But somehow openly gay Reps. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Barney Frank of Massachusetts, and Jared Polis of Colorado found a few minutes to draft a letter to Peter Orszag, director of the Office of Management and Budget, and demand the millions of dollars taxpayers — which include homos, BTW — will spend on the 2010 Census go toward counting gay and lesbian couples.

George W. Bush’s White House used the Defense of Marriage Act to direct the Census Bureau to invalidate any same-sex couples checking the “married” box and put ’em back in the “single, unmarried” column.

But with same-sex marriage legal in five, soon to be six states (and counting), our elected officials are left wondering why the federal government isn’t counting legally recognized unions. You know, BECAUSE THEY EXIST.

Baldwin, Frank, and Polis join some other politicos who’ve been demanding the same thing, with plenty of demands being sent to Census Bureau Director Thomas Mesenbourg, who — and we’re only assuming here — actually carries some weight when it comes to such decisions.

Says Frank: “We are simply asking the Census Bureau to report the facts as they exist. This should not be controversial.” Silly Barney.

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