Elton John’s Estranged Mother Misses Her Son, So She Befriends An Impersonator

Farebrother (left) and Bacon 

Madonna is not the only woman Elton John has a beef with. The 68-year-old singer has not spoken to his 90-year-old mother, Sheila Farebrother, in years and she’s starting to miss her only son. So she’s done what any sensible mother of a gay icon would do: befriended an Elton John impersonator to fill her void.

It all started back in March when Farebrother turned 90. When the real Elton declined the invitation to attend the birthday bash, she enlisted an impersonator, Paul Bacon, to perform in his stead.

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Bacon is based in London and belongs to a group called Ultimate Elton. He did such a fine job that Farebrother stayed in touch with him after the party and the two have since struck up a friendship. They are in touch and Farebrother has gone to see Bacon perform several times in London.

“She’s keeping in touch, which is very nice,” Bacon told the Times. “I get the odd email from her, which for me is quite surreal, given what I do. She genuinely loves the music. This is kind of a nod to him.”

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Bacon admits he’s not entirely sure why Elton’s mother is so smitten by him, but you don’t have to be Freud to make some educated guesses.

“I don’t know [if watching me reminds her of her son],” he says. “It’s so difficult to say. Perhaps it’s a way of keeping in touch with the music. We do talk about him.”

He added: “From my point of view, it’s fascinating as a fan to hear some of the stories I’ve heard through the media and to hear them at first hand.”

No word just yet on how the real Elton feels about this unlikely friendship.

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