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Sir Elton John Wigs Out During Show, Calls Staffer A “C*nt”


Fans of Sir Elton John were privy to a rare treat Thursday evening when the peacocky prima donna had a capital-M Meltdown during a concert at Kingsholm Stadium in Gloucester. Reacting to an (admittedly insipid) house rule that forbids fans from waving their hands in the air, Elton unleashed a serving of top shelf bottled-up rage, focusing his wrath on an attending steward (or usher, if you’re in the States) who’d been zigzagging down the aisles, aggressively reinforcing the policy.

“You f**king stewards, who do you think you are?” Elton raged to the gleeful horror of thousands of fans, many of whom stopped waving their hands to take to Twitter. “This is my f**king concert, who are you? Especially you with the f**king blonde ponytail, you’re a f**king c**t … Yes you, this isn’t f**king China, now piss off.”

Thanks to the “Tiny Dancer” singer’s gigantic hissy-fit,  the beleaguered steward was later seen staggering down the aisle in tears, only to be summarily invited onstage to share a piano bench with Elton. Unfortunately, the unlikely duo didn’t spontaneously burst into an impromptu, gutsy rendition of “Candle in the Wind,” but the entertainer did somewhat salve her wounds by giving her a hug and admitting, “No one should ever talk to a lady like that!”

This begs the question: Who amongst you believe Kingsholm’s rule is perfectly sensible and should be reinforced, even (or especially) if it leads to more diva drama? Show of hands, please.