Embattled Ellen Cancels NYC Appearance

Ellen DeGeneres won’t be coming to New York anytime soon.

The lesbian comedienne came under fire from her fellow Writers Guild of America members for working during the current strike. In a blistering letter released last week, the WGA announced plans to ruin Ellen’s Big Apple Adventure:

[We will] certainly let Ellen know our dissatisfaction in person if she decides to proceed with the shows she has scheduled [and] make our voices heard the preceding week if she tries to pre-tape comedy segments on location.

Ellen claims that though she supports her writer peers, her American Federation of Television and Radio Artists contract prevents her from striking. No wonder the AFTRA’s national director wrote Ellen a letter praising her “support” for the writers, but then thanked her for honoring her AFTRA obligations: “…Thank you for your stand for solidarity with your fellow union members”. What AFTRA mean, of course, is “Strike and your dead, girlfriend”.

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  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Capitalists – especially the kind who are totally fascist like China or the USA – do not condone any opposition to policies and procedures and greed strategies that the leaders produce.

    Incrementalism is their tool. They have taken decades to dismantle the socialistic protections for the working masses or proletariat. They have nearly succeeded in making wage earners nothing but slaves to their masters.

    The masters have stopped pensions. They have 401 k plans that are nothing more than Roulette games.
    They have less imput or none in health care provisions. They have no worker protections and can fire for causes that are capricious, arbitrary and never applied to their “management”.

    My prayer is that when the people of the world rise up against their international fascist masters, that there will be a chance of victory over them. They have the private armies, and prisons if the uniformed armies rebel against them. They own the mediae outright, and are working to destroy this outlet, or manage it so that they can GPS where you are and how fast they can incarcerate you.

    Welcome to the “Brave New World”, Aldous Huxley !!

  • Leland Frances

    Hey kids! Are ya getting this? Little Ellen is caught in a Roulette game of capitalist fascism and stuck on socialist-hating chewing gum.

    Christ of the Andes, Rev! Is there ANY topic you can resist bloviating on in general and trying to tie to your drunken delusions of Holy Socialism? Navel lint—what are your thoughts on that? Is it better in Canada? Is it a capitalist plot, too, or merely a tool of the Democratic Leadership Cancel to deny LGBTs their rights to clean belly buttons?

    Don’t your alleged partner and alleged son need your attention more than we do? Aren’t you neglecting your marital and parenting duties?

  • Ash

    Leland, thank you. Everything the Rev. ever says is rambling, off-topic, and always sounds a little crazy. He writes like he thinks he’s quite smart, but the sentences he constructs say otherwise.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Hello Ash – is that your middle name, Leland?

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    I have read your chef d’oeuvres as well, Ash and I wouldn’t be too hasty to lose your other means of support.

    The blogs are rarely places where grammarians reside, or whether Teutonic and Romance languages that I speak are convoluted on occasion. Rest assured, those who know me, know that you are probably Leland under another moniker – or if you are real – share his lunacies.

  • WWH

    Oh, let’s just give it up, folks. The Rev. is the residendt kook in our little community. It’s not his fault that he lives in a socialist hell hole where thay have to que for medical attention.

  • Mr. B

    Rev, WWH and Ash have been around for a long time. They’re real people, not sock puppets.

    Leland might be a an attention-seeking windbag at times, but he takes credit for what he says.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Hey, Rev, I am not Leland Francis. I don’t even know what a leland francis is. But you are a bloviating ball of hot air who thinks his use of four-syllable latinate fancy-shmancy words adds up to profound thought.

    How about this: Put down the computer for a few days. Read Mark Twain. Read Hemingway. Read Jane Austen. See how really great writers get ideas across using clipped thoughts and economic prose.

    Just a thought :)

  • GranDiva

    How’s this, Rev.:

    What the frick are you talking about? ‘Cause it ain’t Ellen DeGeneres.

    Perhaps you are the resurrection of Trotsky himself, but I would still hope that you had the sense to hold forth on your own blog.

  • Ash

    Isn’t blog drama fun? (Sigh).

  • WWH

    YAY. I’m NOT a sock puppet!

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Ah yes, I feel the love……and understand how all of you who have taken the time to bitch slap me are just victims of spiritual violence who transfer that hate and venom onto members of the gay-affirming Christian communities.

    Nigel is right. I am too valued among my own citizenry and with other blogs in the US who know me in the flesh, for me to continue “bloviating” with individuals whose hatred for some tempers every comment.

    Good bye.

  • Ash


  • hisurfer

    Wow – good job, gang!

  • Mr. B

    And now, back to discussion about Ellen and the Writers Guild?

  • WWH

    He’ll be back. Mark my words…. Now if we could only do the same with Mrs. Patrick E. “AIDS is a Myth” Campbell, we’d be all set!

  • hells kitchen guy

    I feel like one of the mean rich girls in Heathers or Pretty in Pink. and it feels GOOD!

  • hells kitchen guy

    I feel like one of the mean rich girls in Heathers or Pretty in Pink. and it feels GOOD!

    And I know he’s gone back on his broom to LaLaLand, but “mediae” doesn’t exist. It’s “medium” singular, “media” plural – gender-neutral, 3rd declension Latin noun. (“ae” is feminine plural, not used in English.) Rev. is a phony-baloney. BYE.

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