Emmanuel Macron gets his hairy chest out on campaign trail

Emmanuel Macron in 2017
French President Emmanuel Macron (Photo: Shutterstock)

Twitter and Instagram users were left swooning over a new bunch of images of French President Emmanuel Macron posted yesterday.

Macron is currently in a battle to woo voters as part of his re-election campaign. His main rival is the far-right politician, Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally party.

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Macron’s official photographer posted a collection of “behind-the-scenes” images of the President on the campaign trail. You can swipe through them below.

One pic shows Macron relaxed, sitting on a sofa, with his shirt unbuttoned. He has a noticeably hairy chest.

British writer Marie Le Conte was among those to pick up on the image and share it on Twitter, saying, “A very good afternoon to Emmanuel Macron’s official photographer, who has, apparently, as of today, taken to just posting thirst traps of the president of France on Instagram.”

Many were surprised by Macron’s hairiness.

One worried British Twitter user said they hoped Boris Johnson didn’t get any ideas.

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The relaxed images of Macron hard at work may be an attempt to appeal to younger voters. Surprisingly, the bulk of his support comes from the over-60s. Younger age groups have voiced more support for far-right candidate, Le Pen, with observers saying the country’s cost-of-living crisis has had an impact on France’s traditionally social liberal attitudes.

The run-off election takes place on April 24.