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Empire’s Jussie Smollett Is On Top Where You Like Him


Recently Black Dynasty, AKA Empire, gave us another Jamal Lyon set piece, wherein an artist, whom Jamal describes as the “next Andy Warhol,” photographs him at the piano.

Jamal: “What do you want me to play?”

Artist: “I want you to play whatever you’re feeling. I want to be inside you.”

OMG, we love this show.

Maybe Jamal flips like your dream boyfriend, so there’s some chance you’ll get in like the next Andy Warhol.

Artist: “God, you’re gorgeous.”

Or you’ll be the one with legs in the air.

Jamal is equal parts hot and adorable Jussie Smollett, also gay, a caramel-colored Jewish/African/Native American/Northern Euro mashup from a big acting family that also gave the world Denise, the Olsen twins’ best friend on Full House.

Jussie sings as well as acts, so was a natural for the show’s singing/songwriting Jamal, one of three brothers hoping to take over dad Lucious Lyon’s hip-hop empire.

Cue Shakespearean power struggles.

Daniels came up with a big coming out party for Jamal in Season 1, a gigantic club number that left jaws gaping on and off the show; it was maybe the splashiest gay declaration ever on television.

But since then, Jamal’s orientation has been less declarative and more fact-of-life.


For instance, he makes out a lot with cha-cha boyfriend Rafael de La Fuente. Like real, deep, hard, man-on-man kissing. This is on broadcast television. This is on Fox.

Thanks, Rupert!

Here are some more favorite Jussie Smollett looks from Empire and around the Internets, because we can’t get enough of him and he’s definitely one to watch, probably looking up. Ask the next Andy Warhol.

1. How you first met Jussie, with a Fox publicity shot. Adorable, and ruthless.

fox pub shot

2. He wants his Empire.

empire jussie

3. Instagramming with Empire mom and co-star Taraji P. Henson, OK?

with taraji

4. And Gabourey Sidibe.


5. Jamal really is the hottest brother.

three brothers

6. Jussie starred in 2012’s gay indy The Skinny.

the skinny

7. In bed with Empire boyfriend Michael. Their romance es en fuego.

jussie rafael


make out

8. Young and skinny. Look at that waist!

jussie early

9. Jussie likes his social media, and looks good square.


jussie selfie

10. Cute fan art.

fan art

11. Jussie is also an excellent model when he wants to be. For Essence

essence cover

12. InStyle…

instyle jussie

13. GQ…


15. And CR Fashion Book.

jussie cr fashion shoot

16. You know Denzel’s looking at him like, damn, I remember when I was 32, ummhmmm.

jussie denzel

Until next week, Jussie.