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Eric Trump jumping the line for the coronavirus vaccine is very on brand

Eric Trump is being dragged on Twitter amid reports he jumped the line to get the coronavirus vaccine.

Block Club Chicago reported earlier today that Dr. Anosh Ahmed, chief operating officer for Loretto Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, shared a photo of himself with Eric and bragged about how he had just “vaccinated Eric Trump,” calling him a “cool guy.”

According to reporter Kelly Bauer:

Ahmed shared the photo with people on March 10 — the same day Loretto Hospital held a vaccination event at Trump Tower, where Ahmed owns a unit. Metadata from the photo confirms it was taken the afternoon of March 10 at or near Trump Tower.

Hospital officials said the vaccine event held at the luxury hotel Downtown was meant to benefit predominantly Black and Brown hotel workers, and later said they made a mistake by offering doses meant for West Siders to hotel employees before they were eligible.

In a statement after the story broke, Ahmed, who lives in Trump Tower, said the whole thing was meant to be a “joke” and that he didn’t actually give Eric the vaccine.

“Eric Trump happened to be in the building but we did not vaccinate him,” Ahmed claimed. “A few residents including myself did take a photo with him. My post was meant as a joke, given his anti-vaccine stance.”

Except that Eric has never publicly spoken about the coronavirus vaccine.

Another thing many people are wondering is why the hospital held its vaccine drive at Trump Tower in the first place, where 72 employees received shots. In a statement, the Chicago Department of Public Health said the city was not aware of the vaccination event and officials are investigating the matter.

Hospital President & CEO George Miller said in a statement that the hospital was “under the impression that restaurant and other frontline hospitality industry workers” were eligible for the vaccine in Chicago.

“I now understand, after subsequent conversations with the Chicago Department of Public Health, that we were mistaken,” Miller claimed.

Currently, much of the Chicago area is still in Phase 1B of its vaccination rollout, which includes people age 65 years and older, plus “frontline essential workers”, health care workers, and long-term care facility staff and residents.

Here’s what people on Twitter are saying about reports Eric skipped the line…

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