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Even Rush Limbaugh Can’t Stand New York’s Discriminatory Tax Laws

Rush Limbaugh has long railed against taxes on the wealthy, including New York’s property taxes, which he was criticizing just last week. So you might say in selling his full-floor 10-room NYC apartment for $11.5 million (down from an asking price of $13.95M), he’s finally making good on his promise to ditch New York State and its unfair taxation. Maybe Elton John taught him a few tips at his wedding?

Because gays also have a problem with New York State’s tax code!

But not necessarily because it unfairly “discriminates” against the wealthy — of which, let’s be sure, the majority of gays are not — but because it unfairly discriminates (no air quotes) against gays.

While New York continues to refuse to let gays marry in the state, it does recognize valid marriage licenses from other states. It does not, however, let them file taxes jointly. It requires you consider shared health insurance as taxable income. It doesn’t let you deduct home mortgage interest. And it’ll cost you a lot of cash to pay a tax professional just to learn all of this crap.

Maybe it’s something we can agree with Rush about? Or does that mean we have to vacate the entire United States to protest the federal government’s equally discriminatory tax laws?