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Even Trump Supporters Should Be Able To Follow This Flow Chart Of Donald’s Stance On “The Gays”

president-donald-trump-2zzva3db6av8xbodbmu3nuHey, Donald Trump wants everyone to “ask the gays” if he’s a friend to our community. That’s a great idea! People should ask the gays all kinds of things, because we have a lot of opinions. This was all part of his campaign, along with a bunch of crazy conservatives, to sign us up for their anti-Muslim canard campaign.

It seems the only time these people are nice to us is when they hope to enlist our support for campaign against other minority groups. But don’t they understand that as a community that’s been hated for years, the last thing we are going to do is join a hate campaign against another group, a group that actually contains many LGBT people as well?

Well, apparently not.

But if people are going to start asking “the gays,” we have a few questions, too, since Trump wants to be the leader of the free world. Does Donald support us? Has he been a friend? Is he going to do anything positive for queer people? Hahaha, of course the answer to all of those questions is no — he’s a narcissistic heir who only cares about money and himself and seems to have zero firm convictions, left or right. He’s against integrating bathrooms for trans people after he was for it; he’s against marriage equality after he was for its. What is he for?

Like the good gays we are, we decided to diagram his positions in an attempt to make sense of them–just as we did last week on his every changing position on the the whole trans bathroom issue. 

Here’s what we came up with….





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