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Everyone thinks Jeanine Pirro was drunk on the air again

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro was in rare form on Saturday night’s episode of Justice with Judge Jeanine and, once again, everyone suspects she might’ve been drunk.

Things got off to a rocky start during the intro, when Pirro could be heard grumbling off camera,”I don’t have as much…” Suddenly, she appeared on screen looking confused, almost like she didn’t know where she was. There was a long delay before she finally kicked into gear and said, “Good evening!”

After finding her footing, Pirro began pushing a widely debunked story about President Biden trying to force everyone ride Amtrak trains and stop eating meat in an effort to curb carbon gas emissions.

Looking directly into the camera, Pirro told Biden, “I don’t want you telling me that I have to take an Amtrak train and not an airplane because you think I should! Or because it reminds you of your good ol’ days! I want to go forward in time, not backwards!”

She added, “I don’t like you telling me I shouldn’t eat a burger! Go tell China or India to take care of their carbon emission problems and stop punishing me for what they’re doing and then making me pay for it!”

But she wasn’t finished yet.

Things got really crazy a little later on when shestarted slurring her words. She boldly stated that she’ll never apologize for her crazy beliefs because “God made me the way I enn and I sure as hell am not sorry for that!”

Was it God? Or was it the boxed wine? You decide.

Here’s what people are saying about her performance…

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