calamari flex

Everyone’s talking about the beefcake chef holding a tray of fried calamari during the DNC roll call

During last night’s virtual Democratic National Convention, Rhode Island featured a local party leader standing on the beach alongside a beefy restaurateur holding a piping hot plate of sauteed squid and proclaiming Rhode Island the “calamari comeback state.”

The 30-second clip played during the convention’s roll call as Rhode Island’s Democrats formally nominated Joe Biden for president.

The “calamari comeback state” comment had Twitter all abuzz, but the real star of the moment was the masked chef standing silently off to the side and looking oh-so-commanding with that heaping tray of battered squid.

As it turns out, the chef’s name is John Bordieri and he works as the executive chef at Iggy’s Boardwalk, a seafood joint on Narragansett Bay. Why do we have a feeling reservations there are about to skyrocket?

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