Ex-Boyfriend Files Lawsuit Seeking $1 Million In Damages Against Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu

In the latest chapter of the scandal that just won’t go away for Arizona sheriff Paul Babeu (right), his ex-boyfriend Jose Orozco has filed a lawsuit seeking $1 million in damages, reports the Arizona Republic.

Orozco, a native of Mexico, claims that Babeu attempted to make him sign a contract saying he wouldn’t reveal the nature of their relationship—and then threatened to get him deported if he refused.

No details on what charges are being filed are available yet, as none of the parties to the case have given comment to the media.

Tim Gaffney, Sheriff’s Office director of communications and grants, issued this statement in response to a request for comment: “A notice of claim was provided to our office earlier today regarding this matter. As with any pending civil litigation, it would be inappropriate to comment at this time.”

Babeu is still running for a congressional seat in central Arizona. After Orozco made his claims public in the Phoenix New Times, Babeu admitted he was gay but said that he did not threaten to deport his ex.