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Ex-Gay Pastor Michael Glatze Loved James Franco’s Portrayal Of Him In ‘I Am Michael’

6a00d8341c730253ef01b7c7005299970bHe saw the movie—he got a private screening, and he loved the film. You know, he gave James a big hug; he gave all of us a big hug.

Michael is still on his journey… But what’s changed with Michael, even since the film wrapped up, is that his version of spirituality and religion is a lot less dogmatic. He doesn’t speak out against gay people any more. He regrets many of the things that he said. He seems to be in a much better place. He just seems a lot happier, he seems a lot freer. And it’s nice to see that.

And I think that from this new perspective that he has, he loved the film, even though it doesn’t always portray him in the best light—I mean, it shows a man who’s really confused and searching for his place in the world, and a man who, even as he claims to be no longer into men, is still at times having relationships with men.

I think that he thinks that the film is a really important one because it brings up so many issues about sexuality, spirituality, and the quest for meaning and truth in the world. And it shows him in all his complexity… I think he appreciated the fairness of the film.”


Writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis in an interview with 429 discussing the film I Am Michael, based on an article he wrote about his friend Michael Glatze, the former gay rights activist and co-founder of Young Gay America, who denounced his homosexuality and became a minister