Ex-gays Against Gay Blogger

Gay Unhappy

Exodus International, those gay “conversion” folks down in Florida, are turning their transforming attention toward bloggers. Well, one blogger in particular. Justin Watt created a parody of an Exodus Billboard (see pic) that read “Straight? Unhappy?” with the the Gay.com web site address advertised at the bottom. Funny stuff, right?

Well, not only does the Exodus staff lack any common sense, but they also lack a sense of humor; they’ve served Watts with legal papers. Still it sounds like he’s safe from losing his blogging empire.

Laura Quilter, associate counsel for the Brennan Center Free Expression Policy Project, agrees that the law is often on the side of protecting parody from these types of threats. Watt seems to have a “slam dunk” case, she said.

If we had seen the original Exodus billboard by the side of the road, we would have thought that it was some new clever advertising campaign for Brokeback Mountain.

We wish Watt all the luck in the world. And we’re logging on to Gay.com right now just for him.

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