Ex-Gays Come Out To Save Selves

Ex-gays will no longer hide in the closet. Religious treatment of homosexuality’s grown to unprecedented levels.

According to Boston’s Edge, there are over 150 Exodus ministries in 70 counties. The ex-gay movement proves to a formidable enemy in the protracted war for gay survival.

In the aftermath of “former” gay editor Michael Glatze‘s so-called conversion, Edge has launched a four part series examining the ins and outs – or, not outs – of the ex-gay movement. One of the key aspects of the movement stems from the tension between religious ideology and personal salvation.

As Exodus International Europe President Jeremy Marks says,

People came to the ex-gay ministry because, like me, they were brought up in a homophobic environment. They believed they had to find an alternative to being gay – either to be able to be content with a celibate life, or even better, to change, become ’normal’ and marry (heterosexually). Like me, they felt there was no alternative if you were to be a true Christian.

The question remains, of course, are ex-gay movements moral. That’s what the American Psychological Association will ask this week as they take a stance on religious reparative therapy.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s Happy Endings, Focus on the Family and other anti-gay groups are asking the APA to take mercy on their views. The APA’s gay leader, Clinton Anderson insists the group will ignore religious pleads and focus instead on the scientific evidence: “We cannot take into account what are fundamentally negative religious perceptions of homosexuality – they don’t fit into our world view.” Science v. religion – another ancient war. This should prove interesting…

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